finished shower

metal bedroom which inspired my bathroom mosaic

bullet shell soap dish

dan wanted the white tiles for the floor and i like the contrast

the main 'jaded' cross with 10 small crosses on sides and bottom

cut riff raff tile floor
you can see all of the photos on flickr too.  i'm happy with the shower.  i still need to apply a sealer which may (i hope) make the grout darker.  that was my one beef that the grout seemed too light and dusty after wiping the excess away from the tiles ...okay my 2nd beef was that i didnt know what i was doing and if i were to replicate this i would have put more tile around the crosses so they popped out more.  i mistakenly thought that if left alone the crosses would pop out but now i wonder if having tile closer to them would have been a better idea. 

the first photo shows the bedroom that neko did.  the walls have galvanized steel all around them and i wanted the tile to first and foremost bring out the bullet shells and then blend with the bedroom.  its a manly bedroom.  i wanted us to make the ceiling a decoupage of nude women (i dont think thats gonna happen hahaha).  just feels like a gritty room that seedy writerly thoughts would occur in.  and it is dark so i'm happy that when you stand in the bedroom doorway you can see the bathroom and get that hit of color.

now on my plate, i have the front outdoor porch entrance to mosaic.  this time i have a more limited choice of tile and was given the chance to use some pebbles which i think i will try to do.  i dont have time to make this elaborate and truth be told right now i can't even think how i'm going to do this.  i kinda need to just go there and start cutting or breaking up tiles.  i will probably skip out on doing some obvious design.  i can't really know how it will turn out until i just begin.  right now the front porch area gets for cutting things and is heavy traffic with the other workers.  its a challenge for me to think and work but i know i have to just go there and do it and push that ego aside and let it be simple and even a bit boring.  who knows.  i've had 2 days to try to come up with something and so far i come up blank.  the house has so much going on inside that i'd like to make this mellow.  given the bland tiles i get to use not sure how it could stand out.  time to turn the brain off and let it happen. 

it's been fun to share this project with you guys.  thanks for being interested!


Viktoria said...

Paula, I´m blown away by this absolut stunning work!
I really hope you are paid for this appropriate!

The shower tray, the floor, you really did a great job!!!

ArtPropelled said...

Wow Paula, a project you can be so proud of!Fantastic work!

Anonymous said...

Fan-freaking-tabulous, Paula! I know you are relieved to be finished with this project, but your attention to detail and vision just amaze and inspire me. Way to go, Lady!

paula said...

thank you ladies :) viktoria...unfortunately i get paid min. wage but i kinda get paid that working on art for myself to hahahaha
i do feel good about it, its not bad for a first time shower!!!!

Kim Hambric said...

Oh. My. God. This is incredible. The colors! The bullet casing crosses. Whether this met your expectations or not -- I'm sure it's going to blow everyone else away. I LOVE it!!!!!

Nellie's Needles said...

Impressive!!! Lee's reaction is, "WOW!"

paula said...

good one kim 'blow everyone away' GET IT ahahahahah
nellie...i would have loved to have heard a wow from lee :) thanks for letting me know