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life life life

so back to life. to huntsville. to feeling like i need some change or some stability or something different than what i've got going on.

loyal readers know that tod and i moved here from vermont nov of 2009.  to work with dan and the phoenix commotion.  and ya know that i stuck with it awhile, working for min wage doing lots of mosiac stuff and then i kinda burnt out and realized i wanted to do my own art again.  tod stuck with it longer and then also burnt out.  its not easy.  there is an enormous amount to learn if you want, but i never got in on that, wasnt sure i wanted to build my own house and ended up going a little crazy doing hours and hours and more hours of mosaic work (and there were hundreds upon hundreds of hours by a handful of people who did that and they did AMAZING work).   it just isnt my thing.  i couldnt see putting all that time in for something that wasnt 'mine', stupid of me? selfish? probably.  the people that have stuck with it i feel it behooved …

greed is my god

i was brought up a catholic.  quite frankly religion and public schooling are two of the most ridiculous institutions that has ever been foisted upon me.  its childish and perhaps unhealthy for a 50 year old woman to blame her past for anything, but i will say those are two things that often times feel like two tiny yet vicious animals with locked jaws around my ankles.  i can't shake them off.  the guilt that religion has singed into my soul and the 'not being smart enough' as well as all of the constraints and hardships that sitting in a class room (and a church pew for that matter) for years on end and hating nearly 99% of it, well, lets just say i wouldnt miss it if i had a complete memory loss of all of it.

anyhow.  whats that haffta to do with this?  this cross?  probably not much.  other than i have a general annoyance when i see crosses.  that they are usually made all pretty and decorative.  supposedly jesus died for our sins on that thing.  even before him, peop…


i think most of you know i am a struggler.  few things come easily.  making art comes easy...the actual putting it together aint so easy cuz of the materials i work with, my limited work space/tools/knowledge etc.: however,  the finding of objects and having the 'ability' or 'luck' in allowing them to find mates to meld with is for me actually easy.  i'm sure many people could look at my art and say well duh how hard CAN IT BE to stick that on that and call it a flower.  exactly.  it is and it isnt.  it can take days, weeks, months before an object feels (to me) right with another.  the patina, the color.  the shape and the texture.  all of it will feel right and if it doesnt 9 times out of 10 i will not touch it or finish it until something does feel right.  it all has to feel right.  it is and it isnt: easy.  it is and it isnt:  hard. and that isnt all there is to making art.  making art means making the time, the space.  for me it means not living like most peop…

weather art

so this week rain is predicted (like 80-90% chance) every day.  today a wind advisory.  sometimes i wanna just blow up when i think about how much time i waste waiting for it to not be too hot/too cold/too windy or wet to drag my shit out and try to make something.  there are times i wanna start making more puzzle head sculptures but since i know i'm never going to sell those it's hard to devote 2 or more months working hours and hours a day gluing piece after piece together just to fill up my own living room with more of my unsold art.  ATTITUDE. 

anyhow.  a buyer on etsy asked if i were going to make anymore clocks other than railroad clocks, so i poked thru my few larger non-pipe found objects and saw this hard plastic lid i've had for who knows how long and decided it was TIME.

decided to let her decide if she wants it before listing it on etsy for the masses....
here it is. simple.  colorful, globey.  a nice change of pace for me and i didnt have to drag big machines…

a bevy

a bunch of good new stuff soon to be added to my etsy shops.  flowers, napkin ring holders, vases, reliquary boxes, candle holders.....i have a table full of stuff and this is just some of it.  thought i was time i shared new work instead of blathering :)

be here now

so last week the roof got put on.  a 4 day job.  the weather finally got it's act together.  my mini catastrophe has ended.  sometimes i look back at stressful times and wonder what the hell just happened.  sometimes life stops.  it literally STOPS.  there are few things that mess with me more than not being able to make art.  most of you know i work outside on my little apartment porch and/or drag things out to the parking lot when no one is clogging up the parking spaces with their big ass suv's and stinky diesel dualies.  there arent many things i can do in my studio area that dont entail cutting/grinding metal so i depend on nice weather to get my work done.

i feel like i have some sort of sticky insect goo all over me and it's hard to get anything done.  i've got a backlog of items to photograph (its been too cloudy/rainy to go out and do that up until a few days ago) and list on etsy.  i've got various things in progress and now that my repertoire has grown i…