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life blip

earlier this week i wrote a self missive and posted it on my private facebook notes page.  seemed people liked it. i decided to post it here cuz each day i wake up, get online, check the blogs, check the usual suspects and see ya'll keep going. keep writing, keep posting while i on the other hand have almost dropped off the face of the earth in blogworld.  i myself have gotten bored by my life.  not by my art, but bored by posting what i do with art and i sometimes wonder if that 'hurts' me in any way as far as getting any kind of people exposure for friends/contacts/sales etc.  then i think, if ya dont feel it ya shouldnt make yourself do it.  i remember reading in wayne d's interpretation of the tao something about being invisible. (my words).  be one of those people that dont need to broadcast and be seen or heard. i liked that. i've liked plugging away doing my thing and keeping it low key.  i dunno,  i guess sometimes i do miss sharing but i keep thinking i…


art jewelry
i havent listed all of these on fact i might keep a few and dole them out as needed.  if you see something that calls out to you and can't find it in my jewelry section, let me know.
i'm having fun working on my found object pendants.  still working on the usual suspects....napkin ring holders, vases, utensil containers.  even started working on a superfluous (ie. non functional) wall piece.  day in and day out it is what i do. more so now than ever.  not so social these days.  time sometimes feels like it is running out.  i never take for granted that i am still getting living assistance from an art patron.  were it not for that i really would not be able to keep working on art, and most probably living in a squalid studio apartment (or worse under a bridge).  so i work and work and try to remember what is most important to me.  connecting with people and making art.