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let the journey begin

a few weeks ago ann came over.  she is an older woman whom i believe i met over a year ago at an art show.  i see her all over town, driving her red truck, her longish gray hair neatly pulled back...always looking refined and country at the same time.  what little i know about her is that she lives on a farm out of town, was a school teacher....and she loves doing things.  i know she is quite involved in things around town (politics? church?)  anyhow, once or so a week her truck is parked across the street all day and i invariably run into her at the library, or while i'm out there on my bike and we sometimes have quick little chats about this and that.  a few times she has stopped by or i catch her when she is cutting thru the parking lot.  she has dabbled in jewelry making and even gave me a few 'unfinished samples' as well as found objects.  we both have this penchant for finding crap on the street and trying to make something with it.

so, she came by last week telling me about a book she got at the library and i asked her to put it on hold for me when she returned it.  Jewelry by Artists is the book.  what a book!  dense in a good way with inspiring photos of studio jewelry by artists such as Alexander Calder and Margaret De Patta.  this book is giving me an introduction to 'art jewelry' that i can stomach as well as permission to go for it.  i dont have to know what i'm doing, i mean i never knew what i was doing when i made my clocks or my wall art....never knew what i was doing when i made studio furniture.  jewelry has felt more intimidating and i think it is because of the chain/link stuff.  silly i know, but i just hate traditional ways of doing things and my goal with jewelry is to bypass as much of that as possible. 

i've made and sold some jewelry already on etsy.  i have a few more pieces i'm working on and am interested in getting a little torch so i can bend some metal and make it do what i want.  at the moment i've decided to abandon the chain/necklace making part and focus on the pendant part.  i have ideas for ridiculous ways to hang things but i'm still in conservative mode and need to get the hang of the actual assembling and just let things happen as they will.  i have a feeling this could be my next main body of work.  that and flowers.  i also have table making yearnings again....i always want to keep doing a variety of things but i still feel i'm in a place of being conservative.  when money is tight and space/materials can't get out of hand one tends to keep it simple.  least i do.  anyhow, i'm feeling excitement that the journey of discovery brings when a new body of work is discovered.  slow going as usual but at least i'm going for it!


Angela Recada said…
Yes! Go for it! I just took a look at the book, and the jewelry in it is amazing. Truly gorgeous stuff. I could really see you doing this.
Lisa D. said…
Sounds great!

I'm all for the the pendent...chains and clasps are way to tricky for me. I have an art tree where I hang my small pieces of art.
deb said…
I am loving the new jewelry!I can't wait to see what this book inspires you to make!
Paula--I'm convinced magic will come out of your studio and hands, and I can't wait to see it and hear about it. That book looks interesting--for me too!

Go for it, woman--you will be great!
While Jonathan and I were only dating he and I took a jewelry making course. Once again I just had the penchant to understand how something beautiful was made. I think that it's a nice balance for working-both very hands-on physically and mentally intimate. And like you I am dying to build tables, although physically I don't think I will be able to do the work myself. I really think that you are on to something, don't let fear hold you back. Aren't artists supposed to push boundaries and break rules?xoxo
Teo said…
I remember how reluctant you were to the idea of making jewelry (I always thought some bone earrings from the bone house would be great :D) but the moment you get to know this art and start doing your magic with it, it is awesome! Your pieces are already amazing, nothing ordinary, and the new reflector pendant is SO cool!
paula said…
thank you my friends :) appreciate your enthusiasm, i know you mean it!
Poetic Artist said…
It is funny for some reason other day. I thought about you and wonder how you were..I am always picking up things on the ground and looking in odd places..I always say I am going to make something out of this one day..HA I am still trying to get the money to buy a small jewel torch..Yet I keep collecting..
Have a blessed day.
Always love your work.
Margaret Ryall said…
Looking forward to seeing what comes from this new venture. Lots of art jewellery on Pinterest!
collage whirl said…
Yeah, I've been thinking jewelry's ok lately...and embroidery...and sewing...and drawing. It's all good--so many directions! I like your new pendants :)
Kim Hambric said…
Perhaps it is better that you do not exactly know your direction in jewelry making. If you could already see the result in your head, you would me missing out on too much exploration. You need to FEEL your way through this!!
ArtPropelled said…
Yes, go for it Paula! It's a good idea to let things progress as they will. That's how new ideas are born. Talking about keeping things simple .... so often I find the simple pieces are more powerful than the intricate pieces in any medium.
paula said…
you got it kim. FEEL my way thru it. yeah robyn, its a challenge to keep t hings simple and then it becomes more of a challenge not to :)
Hi, Paula. Glad to hear you're out of your slump and excited about the creative possibilities of jewelry. Looking forward to seeing your new creations!
best, nadia

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