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let the journey begin

a few weeks ago ann came over.  she is an older woman whom i believe i met over a year ago at an art show.  i see her all over town, driving her red truck, her longish gray hair neatly pulled back...always looking refined and country at the same time.  what little i know about her is that she lives on a farm out of town, was a school teacher....and she loves doing things.  i know she is quite involved in things around town (politics? church?)  anyhow, once or so a week her truck is parked across the street all day and i invariably run into her at the library, or while i'm out there on my bike and we sometimes have quick little chats about this and that.  a few times she has stopped by or i catch her when she is cutting thru the parking lot.  she has dabbled in jewelry making and even gave me a few 'unfinished samples' as well as found objects.  we both have this penchant for finding crap on the street and trying to make something with it.

so, she came by last week telling …


holidays.  rain.  cold.  stopped making art when i couldnt get outside to work on anything.  stopped selling art (always happens during the holidays for some reason), stopped knowing what i'm doing.  mojo gone.  i've derailed.

it happens.  it never feels good and it always feels terminal.  always makes me shut down and question everything.

i continue to question what i'm doing.  i'm attempting to make some jewelry, its been slow going as i still need to find appropriate materials and still need to be somewhere i can work (cut metal) during inclimate weather.

sometimes the poverty thing gets to feeling like its just too hard to bear.  going a few weeks without selling anything usually sets off the alarms.  i've gone months without cleaning jobs so the pressure is on to get something going. 

in my dream world i get to keep making flowers ad nauseum and they fly out the door.  i've had to stop making them for now as they arent selling in winter so there is anothe…