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i didnt even realize today was thanksgiving!  gotta love that.  glad i wont miss the dinner i've been invited to tonight.  i really was going to work on art all day/exercise tonight and do my usual usual.  i'm sure i would have figured it out eventually but thanks to the internet i know sooner than later that today is indeed thanksgiving.

so i'm thankful i have a place to go and eat some real thanksgiving food (you do know i dont have a clue how to make all that stuff right?)  i am thankful that another artist whom i've never even met had also invited me to dine with her and her family in austin, that kind of blew me away. i am thankful for my sister and the generosity and support that she gives to me as an artist. i am thankful for tod continuing to be in my life and make me laugh (and his mom who sends me little treats and always has kind words to say).  i am thankful for my new friend/neighbors cassy and justin. i am thankful that i've been allowed to keep living here and make art. i am thankful for the people who drop off junk on my doorstep and dumpster packing materials.  i am thankful to all of you who keep in touch, cheer me on, buy art, share, bitch, laugh, moan and learn with me and allow ME to get to know you.  i'm thankful for my online friends and i'm TOTALLY blown away by these people in particular due to a package i received yesterday:

you see dear blog readers, the above artists/friends/acquaintances made a quilt for me which they had unbeknownst to me, worked on over the summer.  this was instigated by nellie.  what an incredible gift, you can probably imagine how surprising it was to receive a package in the mail, open it up and find this!

it is INCREDIBLE!  it is alive and warm and my favorite of all a functional piece of art!  i am a big fan of reversible, so i love that both sides are BEAUTIFUL.

i know most of these women fairly well thru a handful of years of online blogging/emails and selling art to them.   i dont know if you can see it but are a few sections that even have my own art on it, photos from online that have been printed onto the fabric.  nellie sent me the info last night explaining her process of getting this quilt into being.  i have to admit i have a sort of revulsed feeling when it comes to my 'bedroom' and i feel embarrassed to show you photos of where i lay my head, but now at least i feel love and not revulsion.

most of you know but some may not know, that i left everything (my life) behind in 2004 to find myself and become an artist.  that means i got rid of all my possessions and have indeed become an artist but i havent really accrued many personal belongings.  up until this summer i didnt even have a real bed (air mattress), and incredibly someone got me a brand new twin mattress a few months ago which makes a HUGE difference in my ability to get a good nights sleep.  alas, my loft bedroom is so ugly to looks like the inside of mobile home from the 50's and i dont have the time/money desire to do much with it.  the quilt, which i believe nellie really intended not so much as bed decor as much as wrap paula up and keep her feeling warm and loved, makes that ugly bedroom feel homey now.  it is a reminder that i am not alone.  it is a reminder of how AMAZING artists are.  that they took time to do this from their busy lives means so much to me you can't know!  this quilt is something i can keep studying and enjoying over and over again :)

having this 'art' from people who's work i have come to love and admire, means so much to me.  i have to say it isnt often i am truly surprised but this is one of those times i just can't believe it!  its a reminder that people connect quite well thank you very much even if they have never talked or met.  i'm not so sure i would be where i'm at right now if it werent for my online connections.  that a group of people who found each other one by one online can get together virtually and make something like this is powerful.  i thank you from the bottom of my ever growing heart.....ya'll have a WONDERFUL day. ♥


Louise said…
This is Amazing. And I'm so happy for you!
It's the most fantastic gift one could ever get.
Thank you Paula for sharing this.
It makes me feel warm as if I were under that beautiful blanket!
paula said…
ah are one of those online people i's love :)
Angela Recada said…
Wow Paula. This post is perfect, especially for today. And that quilt is gorgeous. I know it will keep you wonderfully warm, especially with all the love that was poured into it by the amazing women who made it for you. I'm so happy for you!

Enjoy your feast tonight!
Viktoria said…
What a wonderful gift! it can make you feel warm and home, wherever you are, I guess.
Thank you for posting this Paula, and for being part of my "online family" !
Have a great evening!
Happy Thanksgiving, Paula. It's great seeing this quilt on your bed. I love that you love it.
Tod said…
Holy . . . the quilter mafia mean business! What a gorgeous gift. Stunning. I is stunned. And a little weepy. Thank you all for loving my best friend. Happy bundling P. =)
paula said…
tod you made me cry again.
i do cherish every single person too. thanks angela :) thank you viktoria...'online family' thats a great way to put it!
and yes nellie...miss picky picky me REALLY LOVES IT! and YOU.
Colleen Kole said…
I am soo happy you love it. It was great to be able to work together for one we love! It was amazing to see it all put together and come together thanks to Nellie.

Fun to have you be surprised and wish I could have seen your face when you opened it.

You always make me smile Paula-hugs to you-
Kim Hambric said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you Paula.

Have I ever thanked you for being such a great and encouraging friend? If I have, I don't think I can thank you enough.
paula said…
yep colleen my eyes bugged out of my head. i was SHOCKED. :)
and u make me smile too, even in your ratty moods and mine. have thanked me. and i feel grateful that i've met you. your sense of humor is just right and it's a relief to be me and not have to worry i'm offending you when we write.

thank you both for adding love to my life.
ArtPropelled said…
Wow! I'm so happy for you Paula .... What an amazing gift! You are loved indeed!
Teo said…
Paula, I'm SO happy for you! What a wonderful surprise, you have some amazing friends!
Cas+ra said…
Ah paula...
the woman i am so lucky to live right next door to.
you are truly a gift and i am glad to see someone has taken care of u
this is such a sweet sweet gift
i am so touched.
i really cannot believe this ...i have never seen a more beautiful blanket.
i made one for the baby before she was born and its nowhere near as pretty i feel lazy...
these women are so talented.
i love you and am blown away.

You can't be sad knowing you are loved this much.
i hear the quiet dull grinding of you working on art nearly every day... it soothes me and my family and i just meditate on how productive you are... i hope you see now how much you are thought of
...even though i am consumed in my life and haven't figured out how to even breath yet know that you are always in the back of my mind and i miss you.
paula said…
yep i know i know some amazing people and you all are that. always touch me with how little my constant noise bothers you and in fact soothes you:) makes me feel less alone knowing you are right next door even if we never see each other. i'm truly thank you for you and everyone who takes the time to interact/share/care.
I can't think of a more deserving individual for a beautiful blanket like this--with so much heart put into it, for such a great heart that you are, Paula.

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