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an unexpected hit

i have to thank my sister for this one....she has been 'bugging me' for a month or more to make little lids so she could then store things in there without everything getting all dusty.  i balked.  then i made these 'boxy candle holders' and she once again mewed for lids.  i gave in.  why not.  my first attempt she didnt care for, she liked the handle idea but didnt like how i had the lid overlap over the sides.  she wanted it flush with the top.  so flush it was and i have to admit they are really cool!  i put wood on the inside so the lid stays on, and am using found nuts/bolts/washers for the lids.  i've gotten really good feedback on facebook about these, probably more so than i have anything in a long time!

i have long loved old hardware.  in fact i can recall when i was a child my dad worked in the basement and had all these baby jars filled with nuts and bolts and i used to be mesmerized by them.  to me they seemed valuable and jewel-like.  and now, here i a…


i didnt even realize today was thanksgiving!  gotta love that.  glad i wont miss the dinner i've been invited to tonight.  i really was going to work on art all day/exercise tonight and do my usual usual.  i'm sure i would have figured it out eventually but thanks to the internet i know sooner than later that today is indeed thanksgiving.

so i'm thankful i have a place to go and eat some real thanksgiving food (you do know i dont have a clue how to make all that stuff right?)  i am thankful that another artist whom i've never even met had also invited me to dine with her and her family in austin, that kind of blew me away. i am thankful for my sister and the generosity and support that she gives to me as an artist. i am thankful for tod continuing to be in my life and make me laugh (and his mom who sends me little treats and always has kind words to say).  i am thankful for my new friend/neighbors cassy and justin. i am thankful that i've been allowed to keep livi…