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Reclaimed Napkin Ring Holders

I have been on a new object making spree, that being napkin ring holders.  Yet another very cool use for discarded coil and pipe if I do say so myself.  Below is an example of what is for sale on my website. 

I have one more batch of some yellow hay tines to finish and then it's time to visit the scrap yard and see what they have to offer to make more.  I made some napkin ring holders from my 'Aspen' pipe that a few of you have purchased, I'm happy to say those sold already.

The red napkin holders really intrigue me as I've always been attracted to 'springs' (coils, I usually call them) for a long time and have used them in some of my mixed media art in the past.  I guess making something truly functional out of them gives me the most pleasure.  They were kind of a bitch to cut up, believe me I went thru plenty of my dremel cut off wheels just to make them.  I still can't believe how contented I am sitting there for hours doing the most mundane repetitious work all to make a simple functional object from a piece of junk.

Other news...none.  Not really.  Most of you know my studio space is very crammed with stuff and I tend to work on one thing at a time due to available table/work space.  My jewelry keeps getting set aside but I am collecting more objects for pendants and feel confident the day will come for their debut.  Flower sales petered out now that colder weather has hit most places, I'm still amazed most of my buyers use them for outdoor decor and not indoor vase decor.  What do I know?????


You are full of pleasant surprises everytime I visit your blog or shop, and this is no exception, Paula. I am also intrieged about your jewelry line!
deb said…
as a fellow lover of repetitive tasks, I fell ya!! Wish we used fabric napkins, maybe I should buy some so I can get napkin rings!!
paula said…
thanks dawn!
deb...i'll bet if you did you would. :)
Maggie M said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Red Coil Napkin Rings-and the Green's are AWESOME, as well!
You are a temptress!
betsy bensen said…
I like the whole idea of these paula, I'm especially attracted to the red ones. They're such eye candy. Some smart interiors stylist for a magazine needs to discover these!
paula said…
thanks maggie and betsy! dont i wish for the magazine, more than likely someone will steal the idea before that happens.
drooling over those yellow coils :)
Cool napkin rings...I've gotta admit there's something compelling about making useful things that are original and artistic at the same time.
best, nadia
Angela Recada said…
Hey Paula, thanks for your recent kind words on my blog.
It never ceases to amaze me to see what beautiful things you make out of discarded "junk." These napkin rings are gorgeous. LOVE the colors.

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