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Reclaimed Napkin Ring Holders

I have been on a new object making spree, that being napkin ring holders.  Yet another very cool use for discarded coil and pipe if I do say so myself.  Below is an example of what is for sale on my website. 

I have one more batch of some yellow hay tines to finish and then it's time to visit the scrap yard and see what they have to offer to make more.  I made some napkin ring holders from my 'Aspen' pipe that a few of you have purchased, I'm happy to say those sold already.

The red napkin holders really intrigue me as I've always been attracted to 'springs' (coils, I usually call them) for a long time and have used them in some of my mixed media art in the past.  I guess making something truly functional out of them gives me the most pleasure.  They were kind of a bitch to cut up, believe me I went thru plenty of my dremel cut off wheels just to make them.  I still can't believe how contented I am sitting there for hours doing the most mundane repetit…