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techincal difficulties and dark matter

interesting week.  my netbook would no longer let me boot and that is the computer i use all the time except for editing photo, office type work and storing stuff.  my big ole dell dimension is a 2001 ladies and gentlemen and other than a few fresh installs of the operating system and needing a cooling + heat sink fan this baby is still runnin.  well, compared to computers nowadays it's ambling along but probably better than most 5  yr old computers.  i like a desktop. it's nice to sit down at a table surface and type on a keyboard...have my nice dell speaker system going.  i've got a APC brand UPS battery backup, i've got the printer and scanner.  everything can be plugged in at once and is ready to go.

the netbook is for getting on and off line fast to check/market my etsy shops and stay in touch with people (i dont iphone or text or use my phone much).  hence when that stopped working i was a little anxious.  i dont wanna depend on the dell full time.  so i emailed the computer tech guy that helped me out with a router problem last month asking how i can 1) fix the problem or 2) at least get my files from the 'dead' computer.  i emailed again...nada.  sometimes you just have to go in there and deal with it.  i am happy to say that i was able to get my files last night thanks to learning how to make an img disc of ubuntu (linux) and get on the netbook via external cd.

a big boost of confidence is what i got too!  i'm thinking i'm going to get a better hard drive and a new fan (if i can EVER get the dang keyboard off) and use that computer as my linux learning computer.  and INCREDIBLY someone online offered me their asus netbook that they dont use!!!!!  so next week i will have a working xp netbook again (hopefully i can connect to my router since the computer guy even had problem getting my computers to connect to a 'secure network' and ended up finding a way around all that which means you can't just turn on a wifi computer and expect it to connect)

needless to say i havent been online so much this week.  and i've been tired...too much smoke in the air from texas fires?  too much humidity?  dare i say hormones? who knows.  i'm tired and i am allowing myself to lumber along thru the days and just be with things.  i spent all of labor day weekend sorting thru every object on my floor and 2 work tables in my studio and got everything all cleaned and organized. i decided now is the time to start on jewelry.  every day i would go in there and sit down and think okay i am going to make a pendant.  and i would pick something up from my pendant tray and look at it and think ' now this would make a great flower'.  i would set it aside and pick up something else.  a pang of remorse would hit as i realized this too would make a good flower.  as would this and that and oh fuck it let me make a flower right now so i can get back to trying to make a pendant.  eventually all the jewelry cord and accessories would get scrunched into a little pile and the rebar sticks would appear and the nuts and bolts and larger objects would fill every inch of work surface.  before i know it i'm hauling my umbrella out and my electrical cord and am grinding away at metal on the porch. 

this new flower i call dark matter.  influenced by my recent conversations with tod about such matter.  i love this flower.  i know most people prefer bright happy fun flowers, and it may not be popular but i can't stop looking at this thing.  for MONTHS i had this object on the porch.  it was connected to a big square piece of flashing that was beautifully flecked with red/pink paint.  i think i once saw this object on the back of a truck...could it be some light fixture?  every time i look at it i see a steampunk space age microphone.  i feel like this is the link that allows for connection thru time and space.  this is a powerful flower on a nice big fat unapologetic piece of rebar :)

i made a new clock too and i feel i need to preface it by saying, this too is an object that i've had laying around for pert near a year, knowing full well i would make a clock with it but feeling like MORE had to be done to it in order for me to feel like a respectable artist.  (excuse me while i club my ego to death okay???).  i gave up, gave in and allowed it to be what it's supposed to be.  natural save for the 2 washers i put in the round area for the clock to connect to.  the colors, the markings...already there.  the paranoid voice inside says anybody could do this. this is the type of grease-monkey art you would find in some dudes garage right?  well..maybe not. they wouldnt take the time to match the orange and paint the hands. hahaha.  i dunno if i'm liking the hands but i have it up in my kitchen and after living with it awhile i will know if i want to change it or sell it on etsy.

i like that it stands up on its own or you can hang it.  its's obviously some sort of valve cover from a vehicle.  took me weeks to get all the black grime and grease off of it since i dont use harsh chemicals.


Helen Smith said…
See, most people wouldn't look at that and know it has to be a clock. That's where the art comes in. That and putting it together, I wouldn't know where to start!
Unknown said…
Love the hands on the clock.
The clock and the flower, both, are fantastic. I love your stuff.
"a pang of remorse would hit as i realized this too would make a good flower"--I so understand! Keep doing your authentic work, what you WANT to do. That's what I tell myself, even as my authentic work is still not an easy sell. Guess I won't be quitting the day job anytime soon, but I'm listening to my vision (does that make sense?)and I feel like I'm moving forward.

I love "dark matter"!
sarala said…
Your clocks are always amazing. I like the flower too. I will be looking forward to see what you do with jewelry. Good luck.
Kim Hambric said…
Cool clock. Awesome flower. Actually, this flower is one of my favorites. You know I LOVE dark things. Seems like a menacing seed head to me.

If flowers are calling, then pick up the phone. I admit, though, I'm anxious to see some Paula jewelry. I'll just be patient. Grind away!!
paula said…
i didnt expect such a good reaction with the clock :)
i'm thrilled to find out my newly listed flower already sold today! two more in the making, its all about the flowers still!
i think the jewelry intimidates me because i dont 'get' how things join or the rhythm of it all. and i know my jewelry will be super stupid simple.
ArtPropelled said…
Very cool flower AND clock. I like the fact that it stands too. If you are drawn to making flowers go with it until you are ready to do the jewelry Paula. For me it's easier to flow towards the next idea rather than go back and forth. You've planted the seed and once it's germinated in the back of your mind you will be ready to move on..... however, I am looking forward to seeing Paula jewelry.

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