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hot out of my little hands

Black Metal Art Vase, Industrial Decor
Black Metal Art Vase, Industrial Decor Black Metal Art Vase, Industrial Decor Black Metal Art Vase, Industrial Decor Black Metal Art Vase, Industrial Decor Black Metal Art Vase, Industrial Decor
"Crushed"  Industrial Metal Vase made from reclaimed tube. 
This summer I had lots going on in regards to pipes.  I went and paid a machine shop to cut up a few pipes that were too challenging for me (this after breaking my newish expensive carbide blade trying to cut this very pipe) due to shape and density of material.  I was disheartened that they didnt have a large bandsaw to cut a 'flush' bottom so I ended up doing a ton of work grinding the bottoms of these babies so they don't become known as 'wobblers'.  I am happy with the result...I mean where are you gonna find a vase like this out there in the world?  Short of becoming a pottist...I couldnt make something like this if I tried right?

I also finished another Industrial Waste Basket.  Loving's not often I find such wide pipes let alone a way to cut them.  Again...the machine shop did their thing and I practically burned up my grinder doing my thing to even it up.  (ps I do have another one yet to be made that is actually a few more inches taller than this one and I also have one more super fucked up black reflector one like the one above in the wings too) is my waste basket. 

Steampunk Metal Pipe Trash Basket
Steampunk Metal Pipe Trash Basket Steampunk Metal Pipe Trash Basket Steampunk Metal Pipe Trash Basket Steampunk Metal Pipe Trash Basket Steampunk Metal Pipe Trash Basket
Fire and Safety Basket, 2011
Approx 11" tall
8.25" diameter
And for those of you who don't check in with what is new in my etsy shop or on facebook or wherever else I blanket the internet with new works.... I also finished some tea candle holders, two kitchen utensil holders (special in that I cut them specifically to hold kitchen stuff as well as coated the enamel paint with waterbased varnish to protect the paint from scratching) and a handful of  'vanity trays'.  The vanity trays are fun...thanks to another customer who requested I make her a few I decided to make more.  I love using them in my bathroom to hold my essential oil bottles that I always manage to knock over with my shower towel. I only had a small amount of that adobe square pipe so thats it on those.  I have more blue 'rollers' to cut if and when I sell out of the blue vanity trays.  

And next?  Well believe it or not I finally made a pendant.  It's super simple and I'm not quite finished varnishing it.  I've decided to make a handful of these before posting them (perhaps I will debut them in my overdue newsletter).  have a good weekend people.


ArtPropelled said…
Paula you have me on the edge of my seat waiting to see your pendants! Things are really heating up here. Love all your new ideas.
kathiroussel said…
waiting for the debut of the pendants! i love the new batch of pieces here-- i'm especially fond of the last posted-- slightly rumpled and crushed vase-- fabulous!
Carla Trujillo said…
You have been very busy and very creative!!!
Love all the new pieces! The two vases I purchased form you earlier in the year are awesome. They are tip proof!
Looking forward to the necklace!!
Viktoria said…
cool stuff Paula !!!
Can´t wait to see the pendants!
happy weekend!
Cynthia said…
All very exciting and I love love the vanity trays! Can't wait to see pendant #1!
paula said…
thanks you guys....i'm still afraid to show what i made cuz i know its elemental. will feel more confident after i try a few more i'm sure. its hard to find stuff for pendants!!! its a different world these little wearable things.
Anonymous said…
Seth said…
These are all so unique and compelling. With just the right amount of grunge.
Angela Recada said…
I LOVE the way you see the potential in all this stuff, and then turn it into the most amazing functional art. You are HOT, woman! These new pieces are fabulous, and if I had $$, I'd buy them all.
paula said…
grunge... I like that word for them. thank you seth!
angela....isnt it nice to be on a roll ;) thank you my friend.

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