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woolly mammoths

The Woolly Mammoth species was first recorded in (possibly 150,000 years old) deposits of the second last glaciation in Eurasia. What we have here is a fascinating example of how mutations can occur and sprout seemingly out of nowhere. DNA samples prove that this is indeed a successor of the behemoth creatures that once roamed the middle of the high Arctic. Now found in the Northern and Western hemisphere, this shaggy flower is still relatively rare and thus coveted amongst horticulturists.

i can't stop making much for jewelry.

hot out of my little hands

"Crushed"  Industrial Metal Vase made from reclaimed tube.  This summer I had lots going on in regards to pipes.  I went and paid a machine shop to cut up a few pipes that were too challenging for me (this after breaking my newish expensive carbide blade trying to cut this very pipe) due to shape and density of material.  I was disheartened that they didnt have a large bandsaw to cut a 'flush' bottom so I ended up doing a ton of work grinding the bottoms of these babies so they don't become known as 'wobblers'.  I am happy with the result...I mean where are you gonna find a vase like this out there in the world?  Short of becoming a pottist...I couldnt make something like this if I tried right?
I also finished another Industrial Waste Basket.  Loving's not often I find such wide pipes let alone a way to cut them.  Again...the machine shop did their thing and I practically burned up my grinder doing my thing to even it up.  (ps I do have anoth…

techincal difficulties and dark matter

interesting week.  my netbook would no longer let me boot and that is the computer i use all the time except for editing photo, office type work and storing stuff.  my big ole dell dimension is a 2001 ladies and gentlemen and other than a few fresh installs of the operating system and needing a cooling + heat sink fan this baby is still runnin.  well, compared to computers nowadays it's ambling along but probably better than most 5  yr old computers.  i like a desktop. it's nice to sit down at a table surface and type on a keyboard...have my nice dell speaker system going.  i've got a APC brand UPS battery backup, i've got the printer and scanner.  everything can be plugged in at once and is ready to go.

the netbook is for getting on and off line fast to check/market my etsy shops and stay in touch with people (i dont iphone or text or use my phone much).  hence when that stopped working i was a little anxious.  i dont wanna depend on the dell full time.  so i emailed…