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scrappy alaska

 gee maybe i need to move to alaska....this is what a facebook friend sent me. THANK YOU!!!!!  i'm always amazed at the people i meet online.  i didn't know this woman a few months ago and she 'fanned' my fb page.  she is an artist and appreciates the finer things in life (like art and scrap and nature).  when i saw a picture she posted on her page about an old 'dumpy area' she had walked thru i spotted those wheels and did the 5 years old I WANT I WANT.  i didn't think for a second that she would actually go back there and GET THEM.  she spent a long time getting these things, i'm not sure i would have spent as long or used as much muscle.  guess she and her son had a good time though and i think she earned some karma points too.

my box arrived today.  a heavy, filled to the brim flat rate box and i in return am sending her a piece of art.  i'm looking forward to making flowers from some of this and who knows what from the rest.  i laughed when i saw the letter 'p' that is included.

might be a little bit before i go into full production.  i foolishly worked myself up into a dehydration of sorts by being out in 105 degree weather the last few weeks and working too much. apparently i did not take proper care of myself.  (i remember when tod used to come out and jigger an umbrella stand for me or remind me to drink that he is comfortably settled in seattle the heat is my own responsibility huh)  anyhow. i've had to take it easy and heal before i can even think of going back out there.  this is ALL THE MORE REASON I NEED AN INDOOR WORKING STUDIO.  did you hear that universe?  sigh.  and before i know it it will be wet and chilly.  i'm trying my best to keep a good attitude at my' no end in site' annoying art studio (or lack thereof since its a parking lot).  indoors in my loft i have a small room i store all my stuff and assemble things but no way am i using power tools in here.  the noise would disturb someone i'm sure and the mess would be awful let alone a fire hazard. 

so.  thats all i got.  reading books, watching some great netflix documentaries....trying to chill out and wait for cooler weather. hum de dum


NuminosityBeads said…
I'm so glad the box made it! They assured me that the bit of bulge wouldn't adversely affect the flat rate postage.
I know you'll put this bit of Alaskan scrap abundance from the neighborhood rust farm to good use. The "P" is from The State of Alaska DOT Facility where I worked doing building maintenance. It was my job to take things to the dump! It's officially vintage making it through over 30 arctic winters . ( I have some listed at my Etsy shop along with some others that I have yet to list if anyone's interested)
Have fun, Paula and I am looking forward to the swap piece.
xoxo Kim
ArtPropelled said…
What a yummy box of tricks! Looking forward to seeing what you conjure up with these inspiring bits and pieces.Now look after yourself Paula. I'm dreading our Summer but trying to make the most of the cooler weather.
sarala said…
What a great goodie bag. Sorry you overdid the sun. I can't imagine living in Texas. Chicago is bad enough with its two crappy season!
Post to results of your next projects when they're done.
lilasvb said…
very nice to stop on your blog
paula said…
yeah i can't wait for nicer weather and to feel good again to get to work on more!
Wow- what an awesome bunch of junk! I think she'll get lots of karma points (called merit) for that!
paula said…
she got a nice vase too :)
and i'm happily making flowers!!!

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