pipes, books and movies

just added a few more vessel/vases to my etsy shop this morning.  i always have a stock of things in the queue... its a matter of editing photos and getting them listed.  this one in particular i find wonderful.  i'm sure it wont appeal to the majority of people, its one of my rough around the edges vases.  to the virgin vase buyer this might even look a little dangerous. this is the bottom of the pipe that i used for my last batch of 'winter squash' type votive and utensil holders. a year ago i would have probably tossed this part into my recycle box to resell to the guys at the scrap yard.  now, i covet such an usual piece.

also. this behemoth.  i kid you not, at just over 8" it weighs 5.3 pounds!  use it to work out.  use it to clobber an unsuspecting thief.  hurl it at the wall when neighbors bug you and it might just missile itself thru the plaster, beware if you have concrete floors it will deafen you as it falls.  there are awesome markings on it and two sets of the same number, one in yellow and one in white.  again, not a vase for the delicate.

i have had a flurry of flower sales and my two pages of listings are down to a mere 13 flowers. i am chomping at the bit to make more, just trying to wait out this heat a little more.  thankfully i dont have to spend as much time outside working on those as i do the pipe pieces.  still slated to be 103 + high humidity the next 7 days with no end in site. at least i'm feeling like going into my studio space a little and tinkering.  and thank god the library has some good books.  need anything to read? here's what i've got going:

Meditation an in-depth guide by Ian Gawler and Paul Bedson
Shadows on the gulf by Rowan Jacobsen
The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb by Melanie Benjamin
Change your Life change your Thoughts by Wayne Dyer  (thanks for the loan cynthia!)
Crazy, Notes on and off the Couch by Rob Dobrenski, Phd.

wanna watch instead? 
well you can't go wrong with:

The Bic C with Laura Linney
The Loss of Nameless Things, documentary about Oakley Hall by Bill Rose 
Pie in the Sky: The Brigid Berlin Story available on Hulu and Netflix
William S. Burroughs: A Man Within (first one about him i enjoyed because he isnt easy to absorb)
Dad's in Heaven with Nixon
60 Spins Around the Sun 
Keep the River on your Right its a book too but i liked the movie much better

okay...that oughtta keep ya busy. have a good one.


betsy bensen said...

not complaining about a high of 72 today. Come visit any time, Paula, and get your cool on! I agree about the top pipe vase. Love the rough area at the bottom.

paula said...

i wish!!! i'll keep you in mind when i go on my road trip :) WHENEVER THAT IS ....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pieces. Love those textures and the numbers.

Kim Hambric said...

You are always coming up with books and movies that I have NEVER heard of. I could live for 50 more years (heaven forbid), and these things would still escape me. I've got to look into them.

I must say, I am a little frightened of these pipes. They are cool, though.

Sorry about that heat. Texas is in a bad place right now.

Tod said...

Paula is a finder. A book, movie, person, old metal stuff. We've been walking on railroad tracks engrossed in conversation (looking at each other) and Paula has stopped, "OOooo - what's that?" I'll turn behind me and see nothing but dirt and rocks. She'll walk over to a featureless patch and start digging! I kid you not, this happened a number of times. A few seconds later out comes a rusty piece of metal. Only a fraction of an inch had been exposed and it was the same color as the rocks and dirt around it. I've always maintained that she could be a crime scene investigator that would make the CSI crew look like a bunch of technology laden pussies.

paula said...


Sharmon Davidson said...

I really like the grungy one at the top, Paula- but then, I like them all. Are you reading all those books at once? You're worse than me! I'm going to check some of these out, thanks.