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when tod and i moved here we came fresh from a secluded life in vermont.  i had lived there with him for 6 years.  i'd never been anywhere such as the likes of vermont.  we were in a cocoon there (except for the hired help at the house we caretook for...that never gave us any peace but thats another story)  i think i made 2 friends all told and rarely heard or saw from them due to their schedules and mine but also i think due to how spread out and isolated everyone seemed to be.

i think when we came here to huntsville we both thought everything would change in a big way.  true this was still a small city (i think the pop including prisoners and students is 70k but honestly it feels like a town of 20k) but we were in the middle of the deserted downtown and had instant contacts thanks to dan phillips of the phoenix commotion.

well....not a lot changed and that was our fault.  we hunkered down in our loft and stayed glued together most of the time.  we were in culture shock.  big tim…

alaska and the sea

this week has been much better than the last 2 months.  while still not feeling tip top, i am at least vertical most of the day and not so drained.  my own little stresses, the heat, the high humidity...the new hormonal changes i'm experiencing, all add up to one nuggety nugget of a human.  but i gots new flowers made and that gives me a boost!  remember the box of alaskan scrap i got in the mail?  well these are the wheels.  i still have more to make when i can cut/clean up the metal that is poking out of the remaining wheels.  these wheels were all freed up already (thanks kim!) and ready to turn into poppies!  i knew the minute i saw them on kims blog that i wanted to make little poppies and they look perfect.  i added lug nuts as the base and metal eyelets to the centers.  the rebar is extraordinary...someone had a stash of it, its much older than the normal rebar i get.  there is more space between each 'horizontal line' on the rebar stem as well as a wonderful patin…

pipes, books and movies

just added a few more vessel/vases to my etsy shop this morning.  i always have a stock of things in the queue... its a matter of editing photos and getting them listed.  this one in particular i find wonderful.  i'm sure it wont appeal to the majority of people, its one of my rough around the edges vases.  to the virgin vase buyer this might even look a little dangerous. this is the bottom of the pipe that i used for my last batch of 'winter squash' type votive and utensil holders. a year ago i would have probably tossed this part into my recycle box to resell to the guys at the scrap yard.  now, i covet such an usual piece.

also. this behemoth.  i kid you not, at just over 8" it weighs 5.3 pounds!  use it to work out.  use it to clobber an unsuspecting thief.  hurl it at the wall when neighbors bug you and it might just missile itself thru the plaster, beware if you have concrete floors it will deafen you as it falls.  there are awesome markings on it and two s…

scrappy alaska

gee maybe i need to move to alaska....this is what a facebook friend sent me. THANK YOU!!!!!  i'm always amazed at the people i meet online.  i didn't know this woman a few months ago and she 'fanned' my fb page.  she is an artist and appreciates the finer things in life (like art and scrap and nature).  when i saw a picture she posted on her page about an old 'dumpy area' she had walked thru i spotted those wheels and did the 5 years old I WANT I WANT.  i didn't think for a second that she would actually go back there and GET THEM.  she spent a long time getting these things, i'm not sure i would have spent as long or used as much muscle.  guess she and her son had a good time though and i think she earned some karma points too.

my box arrived today.  a heavy, filled to the brim flat rate box and i in return am sending her a piece of art.  i'm looking forward to making flowers from some of this and who knows what from the rest.  i laughed when i …
Tea-light Candle Holders, 2011
the last of this beautiful cherry red pipe, decided to cut it up and use for tea-light holders.  i always have about 4 inches left so i will also have two little pencil holders to match (or you could stack all the tea lights in there).  
yesterday i posted my new 'metal basket' and sold it, so if you missed that here it is:

Found Pipe, cleaned and finished for use as basket.  (trash or baubles)

and the last of yellow, 'Beach Ball' votive holder
i feel like i dont share much here anymore other than new art.  guess i'm trying to stay focused and more positive because we all know i can get dark and mucky.  since its gonna be 106 degrees + humidity today i thought i would lock myself up in the loft and see what i can come up with for my life.  i keep thinking surely i will find something/some one, some art community that embraces me and i them.  just finding a place that appeals to me is a challenge.  i remember when tod and i were wanting to leave vermont and we had no idea where to go.  there were possibilities but we were waiting for that YES.  that strong pull.  i know you dont always need that, and sometimes staying put or leaping into the unknown are best.  when you are in alignment and in tune you get to have a direction or at least a niblets leading the way.

i keep thinking about northern california.  which is odd because i dont know anyone there.  sometimes i wonder about ohio and brooklyn only because of the online…