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'faux modern' is what i call them...although i think living in huntsville is getting to me because i'm also thinking about the old prison uniforms, werent those all black and white striped?  pretend i didnt say that. i dont want to ruin them.  the white pipe is actually flecked with blue and gold...other subtle colors.  the black pipe has a light yellow green stamping on it (letters) which i find fun.  the 'totem pole' one is my tallest one yet.  i have decided to maybe make at least one totem pole for each 'batch'.  who knows.  i have to just do what they pipes dictate and leave my brain out of it.

next batch:  butternut squash. and bleached sun

i think to date some of my fav colors.  i almost didnt pick this pipe at the scrap yard, it was so rusty looking i had no idea that after it was clean that beautiful yellow/oranges would pop out.  and the white flecked pipe...has blue and gold...its delicious.  back to work, i still have two more batches to finish coating and putting bottoms on.

these are all available in my etsy shop, you can click the left sidebar: votive holders and utensil holders to see all available. more coming in the next few days!


andrea said…
I love the prisoners' uniform analogy! I think you should use it to market them, even though it makes you squirm. :) They are awesome.
Karen said…
had me giggling with the prison remark! Love these. So much fun to see how the pipes have evolved from casts off to beauties. And the flowers - so wonderful!
Viktoria said…
Saw a documentary a few weeks ago about huntsville!
Has really 7 prisons there, crazy!

The vases are gorgeous, totally unique and original!
collage whirl said…
Love how you bring out the beauty hidden in pipes--and I like the prison analogy too! In a way Huntsville is your prison but you're discovering freedom with your work...
paula said…
thanks andrea :) not sure i can bring myself to do it though.
viktoria...we actually have about 23 prison units in and around huntsville. was this doc on huntsville texas? or alabama? mmmm would be curious to know what it was called. are correct, it is my prison but you are also correct i am discovering my freedom :)
ArtPropelled said…
Those black and white's are swoon worthy. My all time favourites!
paula said…
i'm glad to hear it :) thank you..i always find it interesting who likes what. always surprised
Kim Hambric said…
They are all great!! However, I do think that the butternut squash and bleached sun are the best colors to date.

I'm starting to wonder . . . are places prisons (not the actual Huntsville prisons, though) are do we just carry out little prison cells on our backs. No matter where we go, will we still find ourselves in our little prisons?
Anonymous said…
just loving these striped ones, hope some are still left in your etsy shop by september, or that you make more!
paula said…
you are right kim. sometimes i feel the prisoners are more free than i am when i'm in my head and can't get out. glad you like the squashes and bleached :)
deb...i love it...OF COURSE i will have these in sept. at this rate they will all be sitting there waiting for YOU. hahaha and if the sell out i will make more. i'm addicted to them. i have a new one coming out in a few days that is that white plus a faded green. schnappy
Carla Trujillo said…
Your new vases are pretty awesome Paula! Love the layered look!!

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