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fumble forward

my last batch of some disappearing pipe colors.  out of that beautiful yellow rusty squash color, and the yellow and green almost out of too.  funny how precious these pipes are to me.  i covet them under my little rickety porch. i have 19 utensil holders, here is the direct link to them. also have 9 votive holders, here is the link to those.

i have a few more odds and ends to finish and then i think i might try a few pendants.  nothing special mind you...believe me i have looked at enough jewelry lately to know i will make much simpler pieces than most anything out there.  a few months ago i went to a little art event and for lack of having any necklaces and getting tired of looking at the beautiful old angle grinder blade i found at the scrap yard, i wrapped an old yellow electrical wire around it and had an instant necklace.  i felt like i was wearing a diamond.  i know it looked rough and my neck got all scratchy because i only tied the wire in back....but i felt glamorous.  who knows, i'm sure i have a zillion steps to learn and truth be told my brain shuts down after 5 min. of looking at online videos instructing me how to deal with jump rings and small but intimidating list of other paraphernalia one needs to make a 'proper hanging jewelry piece'. 

chains are another thing that disturb me.  i dont wanna use em.  and nylon cord.  the usual suspects.  done to death.  doesnt feel exciting to me.  who knows.  maybe i will succumb just to get it hanging.  maybe i will just sell stand alone pendants.  maybe i wont be able to do any of it.  not sure i want to solder.  not sure how to deal with rusty stuff because i dont want to lose the patina by painting over it with a rust converter.  the list of what i know i dont like/want is way longer than what i do.  i suppose its good to know what you dont want but at some point you have to just trudge thru mental muck and triumph.  it is more intimidating to attempt something that everyone else seems to do and do quite well. 

having said that i did cut some pipe for earrings....and it HAS been done before.  and what i have seen is interesting.  a few hurdles to jump on that...and i doubt i will add anything to them in the beginning.  why i am so STOPPED by the tools and wire is beyond me. guess i learn by seeing first hand and so far online videos are too far removed for me.  a few folks have offered to help me but so far that hasnt panned out either.  fumble along i shall. 


Art By Amarose said…
I personally would love to see jewelry, Miss Paula. Go ahead. You know you wanna.
leather cord? It would be nice and how about polyutherane to seal it? or even mod podge or ppa (perfect paper adhesive). I could see some unusual fibers too like the fancy knitting yarns, I used to use a lot of them for my ties on my books.
paula said…
thanks anita :)
and yes..leather cord...still used a lot. modge podge if it gets wet will cloud up. poly is toxic and i'd rather not have to buy stuff like that :) fibers interesting but so far i'm not feeling it. i think i have to just make a damn pendant and see what happens huh.
Gail Baar said…
Your new vases are really beautiful! And I can't wait to see your jewelry ideas. I can imagine you will come up with something simple and beautiful that shows the beauty of the materials you are using! Keep going, your ideas are great.
Lisa Fulton said…
I've seen great pendants hung on adjustable hemp cords. See etsy shop FloMOJewelry. No hooks or clasps. She ties the hemp cord in two places, and one of the ties is a slip knot, so the cord can be extended out to be big enough to put over your head, then shortened up again. Her items have pictures of how that looks.
paula said…
thank you gail!
and lisa, that hemp looks great with her work..i'm a little turned off by the knot though and the piece that sticks out...and in time that stuff will fray. i think. BUT it could be an easy thing to do and then people can buy the pendant and use their own hardware if they prefer. right?
collage whirl said…
How about bangles from thinly cut pipes--your beautiful pic of sliced pipes on facebook was shouting that! not sure if I already wrote that in the comments for that pic :-)
paula said…
so far i havent found pipe to fit over my wrist without falling off AND then there are all the people allergic to different metals AND cleaning/rust proofing the inside of the pipe...i dont have enough know how yet :(
ArtPropelled said…
Play and experiment with ideas and see what comes up. A jewellery line will be great Paula.
Viktoria said…
What about coated steel wire or thin guitar strings? imagination is working already....look forward to seeing a pendant!
Jo Murray said…
Keep on brainstorming... it will all be resolved. I look forward to seeing some creative results.
Kim Hambric said…
Yes Yes Yes!! We all want to see some pendants!! You're bound to come up with something unique!!
Karen said…
Oh yes!A bit of bling from left oveers/cast offs etc. How super is that!?! Sounds like play time for you! Looking forward to your experimenting with this idea.
paula said…
interesting viktoria...if i can find some used, the key for me is not buying 'new' ya know?
I LOVE everyone's supportive coaxing you guys...and i feel bad..i ended up playing with more pipes today. irresistible.

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