finished up another batch of flowers recently and braved the heat/humidity to get some photos.  i had a good run with sales and my shop was looking skimpy.  i'm excited about a few things, one is...i finally found someone on etsy who has faucet heads that i like AND she knows what i like and is setting aside a little paula cluster.  when i sent her a picture of things i use on the back side of the flowers and asked if she comes across this kind of stuff the answer was a resolute YES!  its just been slim pickings for me lately at the scrap yard and she is giving me a deal i can't refuse...  i love that i can get stuff from another esty person AND its all from her local scrap yard!

so...hopefully i wont run out of materials.  its a silly fear of mine.  especially since i know i will just have to re-invent the 'next thing' eventually.  my other fear is that i will run out of my recycled aluminum that i use for the bottoms of vases/candleholders/pencil holders. i first found sheets of it at the scrap yard and remember driving everywhere asking places if they had this stuff, no one did.  i had no clue what it was or where to get more until the scrap dude gave me the guy's number who brought it in.  i went and bought a bunch of it last year and it occurred to me i should see if he is still in business and buy one more big batch should he ever go out of business or i leave huntsville.  i called monday and havent heard back....makes me nervous but i can't think about that stuff. 

nothing lasts forever.  it's a good reminder.  one day even the texas dualie will be a thing of the past.  (yeah right).


Jo Murray said...

LOVE your flowers, but am interested to see what your next 'thing' will be.

Colleen Kole said...

You will get bored with it long before you run out of it!

As always, pretty flowers. I am afraid to get addicted to them as well....

NuminosityBeads said...

That does seem to be the thing with hitting upon a popular item with recycled goods. You can and do run out and have to move on to an new novel idea.
Keeps it fresh I guess. Congrats on the knob score. (wait does that sound bad?)
xoxo Kim

ArtPropelled said...

Running out of materials can stretch one in new directions but I can certainly do without the worry. I've just run out of metal plates I use on my totems and kicking myself for not buying the half drum of them when I first discovered them at the scrapyard. Now they are nowhere to be found! Hope you hear from the aluminium dude. Love the birds eye blossom in the lower right corner.

paula said...

well i feel your pain.
i feel that way about everything...my 7 year old leather tevas....should have bought more can't find them. all the good things they stop making.
and scrap stuff...its like a diamond in the rough! unfortunately that guy appears to be out of business. and no calls are being returned when i try other places :(
yes. i love that flower too :)

Lynda Lehmann said...

Sounds good, to get your materials from another Etsy person, Paula. You're right about not worrying too far into the future. Just take care of each day as it comes.

Happy creating! Let's see what you come up with next!