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fumble forward

my last batch of some disappearing pipe colors.  out of that beautiful yellow rusty squash color, and the yellow and green almost out of too.  funny how precious these pipes are to me.  i covet them under my little rickety porch. i have 19 utensil holders, here is the direct link to them. also have 9 votive holders, here is the link to those.

i have a few more odds and ends to finish and then i think i might try a few pendants.  nothing special mind you...believe me i have looked at enough jewelry lately to know i will make much simpler pieces than most anything out there.  a few months ago i went to a little art event and for lack of having any necklaces and getting tired of looking at the beautiful old angle grinder blade i found at the scrap yard, i wrapped an old yellow electrical wire around it and had an instant necklace.  i felt like i was wearing a diamond.  i know it looked rough and my neck got all scratchy because i only tied the wire in back....but i felt glamorous.  who …

new here new now

'faux modern' is what i call them...although i think living in huntsville is getting to me because i'm also thinking about the old prison uniforms, werent those all black and white striped?  pretend i didnt say that. i dont want to ruin them.  the white pipe is actually flecked with blue and gold...other subtle colors.  the black pipe has a light yellow green stamping on it (letters) which i find fun.  the 'totem pole' one is my tallest one yet.  i have decided to maybe make at least one totem pole for each 'batch'.  who knows.  i have to just do what they pipes dictate and leave my brain out of it.
next batch:  butternut squash. and bleached sun

i think to date some of my fav colors.  i almost didnt pick this pipe at the scrap yard, it was so rusty looking i had no idea that after it was clean that beautiful yellow/oranges would pop out.  and the white flecked pipe...has blue and gold...its delicious.  back to work, i still have two more batches to finish co…

rebar madness at the scrap yard

today i went to the recycle place to get more pipe and rebar.  i'm running DANGEROUSLY low on rebar.  they had none that i could see...came away with one pipe and a few tidbits.

i decided to go to the other scrap yard that is out along the highway.  its bigger, not as big as the ones i've seen in vermont but big enough to kind of intimidate me.  tod always went with me to the scrap yards and sometimes i get anxious and feel like i'm just in people's way.  i pushed myself to go.  all in the name of flowers.....

i have to say, after i recovered from being told unequivocally NO that i could not buy ONE piece of rebar, that i could go look for jack and find out if i could look around, i went looking for jack. why no rebar? seems they are doing a big construction project and feel they will need all the rebar they can get.  wow...what am i gonna do without rebar?  everything feels scarce lately...still can't find anymore aluminum for the bottoms of my vases/candle holder…

Style File Chapter 5 on The Altered Page

I am happy to be here amongst other wonderful artists!  thank you Seth for including me in this.


finished up another batch of flowers recently and braved the heat/humidity to get some photos.  i had a good run with sales and my shop was looking skimpy.  i'm excited about a few things, one is...i finally found someone on etsy who has faucet heads that i like AND she knows what i like and is setting aside a little paula cluster.  when i sent her a picture of things i use on the back side of the flowers and asked if she comes across this kind of stuff the answer was a resolute YES!  its just been slim pickings for me lately at the scrap yard and she is giving me a deal i can't refuse...  i love that i can get stuff from another esty person AND its all from her local scrap yard!

so...hopefully i wont run out of materials.  its a silly fear of mine.  especially since i know i will just have to re-invent the 'next thing' eventually.  my other fear is that i will run out of my recycled aluminum that i use for the bottoms of vases/candleholders/pencil holders. i first fou…

totem pole

eleven slices. Totem Pole.  i am officially out of black pipe :(  i have a little blue left...not sure i have that white anymore...BOOHOO.  what am i gonna do if I can't find more colorful pipes that fit together?  mmmmm
well this was good to make.  go out with a bang.  i loaded all my new works on etsy and all but this one have been reserved for purchase.  i think its time to make a few more flowers before coming back to pipe vases.  maybe by then the scrap yard will have some goodies for me.  i do have about 10 more vases to photo/upload on etsy.  some yellow, some lightweight fun red ones....a gorgeous big blue one that is as tall as my tibia.  its the big blue 'roller' that i got a few weeks ago at the scrap yard.  its actually lightweight for such a behemoth.  i wanna keep it awhile, i have a few like that.  my big ones i like having around the house, they make me feel incredibly wealthy.  odd...pipes.  containers.  empty but to me, full of life. here's a few of my …

more a comin

last week on my fan page i posted some of my new work on etsy.  didnt take long for these babies to fly off the shelf!  both are rarities...rare in that i dont normally have the small red pipe that i used to make the tea light candle holders (let alone the patience) , rare that i dont intend to make too many multi sliced vessels like the one above as its hard to find variety of pipe with interesting color that also is the same size and will thus stack properly.  it is exceedingly time consuming and somewhat challenging for me emotionally and physically.  all i can say is had i not bought that dry cut saw earlier this year you wouldnt be seeing these. period.  it cuts down on some of the cleaning grind/time, is faster and it cuts more evenly. that and my new (well at this point 6 month old) grinder, make a huge difference in me getting a better cut and edge.

i did just finish more candle and pencil holders, will be posting them soon on facebook/etsy.  so if you are feeling an itch to …