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in the silence

in the silence
i hear my screams.
in the silence
i am looking for my dreams
in the silence
i dont care what anything means

okay theres a little impromptu poem. i  know, stick with art. believe me, ya wouldn't want to know the poems i've written in my past life....

silence.  being less noisy online.  of course i have a fear that since i've stopped going to my facebook page i appear completely self absorbed.  the only way i know what is going on with people is if i see their blog posts. i blast new works on my fan page and thats about all i wanna deal with on facebook right now.  it's nice to chat there if someone has a comment, otherwise i still dont feel i have the capacity for the plethora of chit chat.

or we convo on etsy.  etsy seems to overtake most things.  i'm not ashamed to say it but obviously i still have this trickle of fear that 'real artists' would think less of me by dint of me being on etsy so much.  but hey, been there done that with galleries and brick and mortar collectors.  you know...i like etsy so much more.  i still can't believe how i used to hate saying etsy.  didnt get it.  almost nixed my shop....and felt such a mixture of reproach for so much of what i saw on there.

etsy keeps changing in ways that blow my tiny mind.  and i am always amazed at the people i meet on etsy.  from all over the country, all over the world.  i've made fast friends.  would that i could visit them all.  they are my support system in many ways.  and i theirs (i hope!).  people want to teach, help...motivate and mentor. having three shops now is a little scary.  i guess if they were all selling constantly i would blow a brain gasket.  i seem to get a few sales a week here and there and it GOOD.  a bunch of flowers here...vases or candle holders there.  how else does one sell such a mixed bag of goods without scattering everything in the physical world?  (okay if you have your own gallery/shop you are a lucky dog).

not in the mood to talk about personal life right now.  i am focusing on selling and creating.  period.  i gots new flowers....i gots wood assemblages stuff going up all the time.  you can rss to each shop by going to the shops and scrolling down to the left sidebar, that way you get notified via your google reader.  or stop by my fan page for glimpses of activity.

Flower Art Flower Art Flower Art Flower Art Flower Art

this is the coolest gas cover cap EVER.  of course i saw a flower when i found it on the road.  it behooves me to get out there, ride my bike...walk...even if i would rather just stay in. i  never know what little gem is lying in wait. 


Colleen Kole said…
It really is the coolest cap ever. I love this flower.
Lisa D. said…
I really liked your poem, Paula.

Your flowers are pretty great too.
paula said…
words and art were loved that works for me :) thanks you two
AnitaNH said…
Hi Paula, thanks for the cool link to that blue cross piece. I am unable to send email right now but am enjoying my new cable connection. Internet is so much better now!
donauluft said…
cool flower indeed!
Perhaps there are people who would like to know the poems written in your future live?
What about some poetic titles for your art-flowers?

..BTW, I don´t visit my facebook site either...
paula said…
glad you liked that anita and congrats on better connections!

my head probably would explode if i had to think of poetic titles. but its a cool idea that a marketing savvy person would do. having said that: simple is best for me, what you see is what you get. rebar. found stuff. tada!
Jo Murray said…
You do great work... what's the problem?
paula said…
haha please dont make me go back and retell my last few months or years :)
you have to read the stupid blog jo murray i can't bring myself to keep writing my life over and over in a comment.
Geez. Paula, you're working your butt off- do have even any of it left? You inspire me, with all this glorious art, and 3 shops-!
paula said…
ha ha sharmon yes i'm drowning in art. plenty left :) i'm not a big seller on etsy really, i have a few collectors who have been my bread and butter during rough times. thank you for your words :)

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