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i'm in love

....with my new Reflectus Orbitus trio.  LOVE LOVE LOVE

as some of you may remember last summer i found a ton of these along roadsides, tod and i collected about 3 big grocery bags of them. they were doing lots of highway construction, tearing the roads up etc and all the old reflectors were there just growing like weeds.  they still have lots of tar and stuff on them, even after cleaning.  only lots of heat or sandblasting would get that off. i used my dremel grinding wheel and got covered in hot burning tar (what a way to destroy that bit but it was worth it)  i love these things.  they feel lunar.  they are surreal.  they are simple.  the underside has plastic lugnut covers and cork (fitted inside to give more bulk to the adhesive to cling to).  i love both sides, they are like mushrooms in a way, all smooth looking on top and then earthy guttural on the underbelly.  you can get one or two or three here.


donauluft said…
They are really wonderful, Paula! love the last picture !
paula said…
thank you viktoria. me too...i dont know which i like best, the photos of these or the real things :)
Kim Hambric said…
Love these mushroomy things! And your photos are amazing (as usual).
So simple ... so beautiful!
paula said…
thank you kim! and nellie...and yes very simple to view. prideful of the figuring out how to put them together, not easy :)
AnitaNH said…
Isn't it wonderful when so much simple happiness springs from something you have made yourself? I think that is the miracle of artistic expression.
Louise said…
Love these photo's!
Love how you write about them!
sarala said…
Cool. I was wondering what the reflectors would become!
paula said…
i like that anita, good quote i will remember.
thank you for stopping here louise! :)
and shara...i have made reflector flowers before, so far i've made about 10. i love them cuz they are all differently beat up and aged. wonder what chicago reflectors look like. tod had given me one from seattle and its so different than here. brilliant shiny aqua blue
These are real treasures, Paula--I too have a love for reflecters that fall off bicycles, or things found in the can see the work you put into it, too.
Seth said…
What great finds. Fantastic!
ArtPropelled said…
Lunar mushrooms ..... Love them!
Maggie M said…
Dang, they are AWESOME! Me like! :)
pey said…
They are rather fetching !! well done, my friend.
reinventing the wheel yet again.

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