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the body of christ

the director of the wynne home here in town (a local art and visitor center) asked me if i wanted to work on her jesus sculpture.  seems the poor chap lost his foot.  she got him in mexico years ago and it appears his arm is gone too but the thing she wanted fixed was a foot replacement.  she thought of me and i thought sure, i have scrappy wood, lets give it a go.  in the first picture you can see the one foot is gone, there is a gaping hole there.

i used goldens hard molding paste to plug the hole and stuck 3 toothpick parts into the wood which then stuck into the drying paste.  jesus was upside down for a day while it dried and alas, he has risen.  he stands....i actually made something balance (easier than a table i tell ya that).

okay so the foot is more like a i dunno least the wood matches in texture and color.  part of the original foot is also missing so i have no idea what his feet actually were shaped like.  had to give it a decent amount of ground coverage so he…

in the silence

in the silence
i hear my screams.
in the silence
i am looking for my dreams
in the silence
i dont care what anything means

okay theres a little impromptu poem. i  know, stick with art. believe me, ya wouldn't want to know the poems i've written in my past life....

silence.  being less noisy online.  of course i have a fear that since i've stopped going to my facebook page i appear completely self absorbed.  the only way i know what is going on with people is if i see their blog posts. i blast new works on my fan page and thats about all i wanna deal with on facebook right now.  it's nice to chat there if someone has a comment, otherwise i still dont feel i have the capacity for the plethora of chit chat.

or we convo on etsy.  etsy seems to overtake most things.  i'm not ashamed to say it but obviously i still have this trickle of fear that 'real artists' would think less of me by dint of me being on etsy so much.  but hey, been there done that with gallerie…


often i am aware that i am not like most people.  we are and we arent.  right?  specifically...i never married.  never had kids.  dont have pets.  haven't held a 'real job' for any length of time as i worked for myself basically since 1987 give or take sporadic shit jobs i've taken to make ends meet while being an artist these last 7 years.

i spend my days looking for scrap.  riding my bike and stopping at the drop of a dime to get that little dirty crusty lug nut or washer in the crack of a parking lot driveway.  digging thru dumpsters at night to pull out odd shaped boxes to ship my flowers or other odd art pieces.  digging thru piles of heavy metal to find the perfect 'thing'.  spending hours online promoting etsy shops (number three shop just got up this weekend and its my supply/industrial decor shop)

since tod left 2 months ago my life is even more cut off and strange.  he and i talk on the phone...keeping in mind we aren't some troubled couple that h…

i'm in love

....with my new Reflectus Orbitus trio.  LOVE LOVE LOVE
as some of you may remember last summer i found a ton of these along roadsides, tod and i collected about 3 big grocery bags of them. they were doing lots of highway construction, tearing the roads up etc and all the old reflectors were there just growing like weeds.  they still have lots of tar and stuff on them, even after cleaning.  only lots of heat or sandblasting would get that off. i used my dremel grinding wheel and got covered in hot burning tar (what a way to destroy that bit but it was worth it)  i love these things.  they feel lunar.  they are surreal.  they are simple.  the underside has plastic lugnut covers and cork (fitted inside to give more bulk to the adhesive to cling to).  i love both sides, they are like mushrooms in a way, all smooth looking on top and then earthy guttural on the underbelly.  you can get one or two or three here.