still life

i am doing my best to just stay with it. whatever it is.  i'm still tired from all the cleaning jobs i had last week.  this week it appears i have nothing.  well i had one but they still have fleas and i ran out of there like nobody's business.

i stopped over across the street at the main street program office today and met kim.  the coordinator.  i had bumped into our mayor last week (also who lives/works across the street) and asked if i could put a piece of art up to decorate his wall and maybe sell (giving him commission of course).  no go.  he already has too much of his own purchased art up.  but he did tell me to stop by kims.  so stop i did. 

it was disheartening to hear that the 'main street program' has been trying to get together with the wynne home art and visitor center (where i have work in the gift shop) and have artists put work in local shops.  she said only 2 other artists were up for it.  considering there aren't even that many shops/places here i'm not feeling like this is gonna happen anytime soon or amount to much.  BUT  i will keep banging my head against the huntsville wall.  there are a few lawyer offices here, there are a few places left to try.

art is a funny funny thing.  i will laugh one day i'm sure.  sometimes i miss the wonderful gallery i was in back in Vermont.  they knew how to treat art.  how to treat artists.  they really did.  i never felt like my art was going to be mishandled and it got respect.  i still think doing it online is my best bet here, especially if i keep up with smaller items. 

i still have no clue people.  none.  where/what/when.  why.  wtf.  sometimes i think stop making more flowers or vases because its just too much stuff and making more art isn't how you sell art.  i'm sniffing around. trying this and that. wondering who/how to market to more people.  mostly i'm so tired its not easy to be online let alone keep working.  feeling less stressed at the moment but i still need some huge shift, even if i could keep working this much and make enough to stay here physically i dont i have it in me to keep working two full time jobs.  cleaning.  art.  its too much.  how ya do it with kids/pets...homes to tend to.  you got one up on me if you are one of those super human people that do it all.  i'm holding on to my rebar flower with all my might, as if it is a magic wand to be waved.

speaking of which, two new flowers. one is up on etsy now the other i might have to get to tomorrow.  sleep...sleep...sleep.

Flower Art Flower Art Flower Art Flower Art Flower Art
I'm particularly pleased with the stem thing in the back of the flower...such a cool find!  the other flower is a triumph...i guess when i find what i deem 'ugly' things on the road and make them into flowers i feel i've just done a magic trick.  i know most people like lots of color...but to me there is something more powerful about a rusty or degraded piece of rubber/plastic/metal that is truly trash becoming a piece of art regardless of it's color.  color fades....the body, the substance...the 'thing' has the character.  and this one just delights me because i wasn't sure i could really make it into a flower.

this is some dense rubbery stuff.  i believe it fell off of a car or truck or something.  its nasty, and i love it.


steinschmuckdesign said...

Love your new Flowers Paula!
and I am trying to keep up with everything, Cats, Kid, House, Jewelry and so on.... :)
Huuuge Hug for you and
as you always say to me,
Keep going!!!!!

Kim Hambric said...

Yeah, I've got some of those other distractions. They're great but they do eat up some time and energy!!

Those new flowers are neat. I'm quite fond of that second one. I expect it to crack open and fling out seeds with legs that will disperse into cracks and create more of the same.

paula said...


cat said...

Love the new flowers Paula!
Small town life is a challange! Hang in there!

San said...

My DSL connection is so sluggish, Paula, the "dense rubbery stuff that fell off a car" won't load. CURSES.

I'll have to come back when I'm at home, with my cable connection. Dense rubbery stuff does sound magical.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Paula, I can totally sympathize with the "having 2 full time jobs" thing. I also have a house, a big yard, a place in the country, where I'm working on a log house, and 5 pets- aaaaack! When you find out the solution to this, could you please let me know? In the meantime, good luck with the art-selling- your work is awesome, and you are inspirational.

paula said...

thanks sharmon. of course there is a difference between what you have to do and what you choose to do...i choose not to have pets and all the other stuff because then i really would be overwhelmed financially and emotionally. how people do it...who knows :)