just another day

last night i forced myself to go out and do a table show/sale thing that my friend amanda put together.  it was just 2 blocks away, i didn't need my own table.  no funds were asked and it was only for 2 hours (6pm-8).  hadda do it.  i spent the week making new flowers and grabbed a handful of vases and candle holders and did it and actually enjoyed myself.  the more i try to integrate into this town the more i like it.  people are good.  people are nice.  i may not be making any best friends but i am making friends and contacts.  we are all trying to survive.  we are all busy.

in a small town you usually see the same people over and over and that is a new and comfortable feeling for me.  i think i already have more acquaintances here than what i ever had my 25+ years living in arizona.  the only reason i ever had friends in arizona was because they were all my massage clients.  i could never walk around my neighborhood and stop by and chat with people there.  here i can.  i like that.  and last night i met some new people that i kind of knew by sight and felt just a little bit more connected.   i sold a candle holder and amanda bought a vase.  i love that people always ask how much are my post cards, does that mean i should start charging for them?   nah...thats just not right in my book.  take them and maybe some day they will visit my etsy shop!  anyhow.  people responded really well to my flowers.  huntsville isn't doing so good economically and i didn't expect to really sell anything so the fact i did and i met people, that is all just one big plus in my book.

so now its time to finish more flowers that are also in the queue.  wait for later in the day when it is primo picture taking time and get them up online.  it should be a nice quiet weekend, the university is out.  school is out.  its a holiday.  all of that equals a virtual ghost town here.  i'll be out there in the parking lot making noise and pretending life is just peachy and push all my living situation thoughts under the rug.

have a good weekend, i know most of you will be making art cuz that is what artists do. they never stop. at least not if they can help it.


Teo said...

I'm glad you went and enjoyed it. It's not always easy to feel integrated in the place where you live... I know, I moved too many times. I wish you a wonderful and creative weekend. xoxo

CMC said...

Good for you... so happy you are feeling a part of the town now.
Have a great holiday week-end.

Kim Hambric said...

Thrilled to hear that it was a positive experience.

Since I've been trying to gather information on "place," I'm going to put you down as someone who wants to live where you know people and feel comfortable.

I'm sure that photos of those dancing flowers and great vases would sell!! You've got people asking for it.

paula said...

thanks you guys. AND SUNSHINE KIM. i have to have sunshine.
having lived in illinois, MN, vermont, arizona and texas...i know the east isn't for me long term. hot/humid/ hot/dry...long as there is sun who cares. need the sun....