I thought I would give people the option of having their flowers tall, med, or short. So as an experiment I have three unmade flower heads and three choices of stem.If you buy tall you get three stems that are 20, 23, and 25" tall. I have med and short available as well. I will have a few more unmade flower heads to list and then see what happens. It's hard to keep things all the same as found objects rarely come in 3's. My biggest challenge is affording faucet handles. I refuse to pay more than $2 for each one and they are almost always $4-9 each or more depending on the size + shipping.  Rent comes first so I'm not splurging. I have lucked out 3 times on ebay and sniped me some. Finding yellow, green or orange ones is like a diamond in the rough. And then there is the attachment pieces...I like having little things to stick the rebar in so secure it to the faucet handle.  Even that is getting harder to find!  Endangered specie list perhaps my flowers.... but for now I have a handful available and I will keep searching or move on and make whatever else is next I'm finding in bulk :)

Stems and flowers available in my Industrial Bloom shop.


sarala said...

Cool idea. I'll keep a look out for cheap faucet handles for you.

paula said...

thanks shara! you get bonus karma points for orange/white/yellow/brown and green :)

Lisa D. said...

I just adore your flowers, Paula.

paula said...

'like' :) thanks lisa!

Christina Romeo said...

Interesting post Paula!

I can totally relate to a lot of your words, especially the part about not really wanting or caring to hear about the bla, bla, bla of people.
It is sad though that the running of an online 'out there' space of business keeps us in this loop to keep up, get noticed, rah rah rah.
Your art and your photos are superb.

paula said...

i really appreciate that christina!