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i've never had much of an attention span.  i can still see my parent's face's a few inches from mine (and keep in mind i'm almost 50 so it's etched in my brain forever i guess) slightly shaking their heads and saying 'you are not listening. you are not paying attention'.  click. tune out.  right. got you.  now i WONT pay attention.  what? did you say something?  can i get back to my own world now please? who needs story problems anyhow....

guess concentration never came too easily for me.  but i have to say, the last few days i've had the concentration of a brain surgeon.  what am i concetrating so hard on?  who knows.  the moment.  whatever is in my hand now.  whatever i am doing now.  i've never misplaced quite so much before but i believe it has to do with the total rearranging of my loft since tod's departure.  a new me. a new space even if its the old space.  sometimes i feel like a big ole turtle head that just wants to stay inside that tubey warm neck and not have my head exposed to all the shite going on out there.  thats kind of where i'm at right now.  i have officially given up looking for a place to live.  if there is something out there HERE I AM.  i get it that right now i also aint gonna find much in the way of work, i have plenty of work.  MY work.  i put in a 15 hour day yesterday and i paid myself with joy. i wonder if the people i owe money to would take some joy instead money.  

well.  i have sold a handful of flowers recently so i'm all happy about that.  relieved AND happy.  i've got new vases to take photos of.  i made a new clock.  i'm working on new flowers and letting my peripheral imagination work on what other new works to make while i pay attention to what is going on in the studio right now.
 these all sold on saturday!!!

its a little freaky that my favorite photo taking places seem to be getting painted over or fixed up.  i love walking out the door, arms full of art and going just a few blocks here or there and having great photo backdrops.  made me think about detroit again and wishing i had the gumption to live in a place like that.  but i'm here. and its sunny most days and warm, just how i like it.  i know my life will keep changing and whatever i love and hate about my life will trade places with each other and i just have to keep working on me and art. 

OH!  and i put this out there on facebook, my paulaart etsy shop is up to 199 sales!  number 200 gets free shipping.  thats a deal on my bigger heavier pieces, but its a deal on my small heavy vases too.  check out the new clock i made...

Found Object Art Clock, Industrial Decor
Found Object Art Clock, Industrial Decor Found Object Art Clock, Industrial Decor Found Object Art Clock, Industrial Decor Found Object Art Clock, Industrial Decor Found Object Art Clock, Industrial Decor
Dairy Farm Found Object, Cut Pipe and Found Washers

and a new vase that quite frankly kicks some serious vase booty
Reclaimed Metal Tube finding a 2nd life as a dry flower container.

so thats the news from huntsville, tx.  pretty much allowing myself to be with my art and not get caught up in all the stuff going on out there in the world that i cannot change and doesn't make me feel good anyhow.


That's so cool, Paula--some lucky ones had their eyes on you, and that is a great feeling! Love to see everything you come up with. Keep it up...(thumbs up!)
"Now" ... that's a great place for your attention to be. Your sentiment in the last paragraph is how I feel ... can't do much/anything about what's going on "out there", whereas I can/do have an impact on my own little world.

I love your new clock ... that it is a free-standing one.

Woo Hoo about lots of people discovering and buying your fab flowers and vases.
collage whirl said…
WoW! I'm really happy for you, getting your new groove on!
betsy bensen said…
I LOVE that clock and must have bought it soon after you had it listed! Lucky me!!
paula said…
thank you betsy, and i love that you love it! lucky ME!

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