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I thought I would give people the option of having their flowers tall, med, or short. So as an experiment I have three unmade flower heads and three choices of stem.If you buy tall you get three stems that are 20, 23, and 25" tall. I have med and short available as well. I will have a few more unmade flower heads to list and then see what happens. It's hard to keep things all the same as found objects rarely come in 3's. My biggest challenge is affording faucet handles. I refuse to pay more than $2 for each one and they are almost always $4-9 each or more depending on the size + shipping.  Rent comes first so I'm not splurging. I have lucked out 3 times on ebay and sniped me some. Finding yellow, green or orange ones is like a diamond in the rough. And then there is the attachment pieces...I like having little things to stick the rebar in so secure it to the faucet handle.  Even that is getting harder to find!  Endangered specie list perhaps my flowers.... but for now…


Art Recycled, Metal Flower made from rebar, vintage faucet handle and metal eyelet.
From IndustrialBloom
Art Recycled, Metal Flower made from rebar, vintage faucet handle and metal tac.

Art Recycled, Metal Flower made from rebar, vintage faucet handle and found plastic and

just another day

last night i forced myself to go out and do a table show/sale thing that my friend amanda put together.  it was just 2 blocks away, i didn't need my own table.  no funds were asked and it was only for 2 hours (6pm-8).  hadda do it.  i spent the week making new flowers and grabbed a handful of vases and candle holders and did it and actually enjoyed myself.  the more i try to integrate into this town the more i like it.  people are good.  people are nice.  i may not be making any best friends but i am making friends and contacts.  we are all trying to survive.  we are all busy.

in a small town you usually see the same people over and over and that is a new and comfortable feeling for me.  i think i already have more acquaintances here than what i ever had my 25+ years living in arizona.  the only reason i ever had friends in arizona was because they were all my massage clients.  i could never walk around my neighborhood and stop by and chat with people there.  here i can.  i like t…

still life

i am doing my best to just stay with it. whatever it is.  i'm still tired from all the cleaning jobs i had last week.  this week it appears i have nothing.  well i had one but they still have fleas and i ran out of there like nobody's business.

i stopped over across the street at the main street program office today and met kim.  the coordinator.  i had bumped into our mayor last week (also who lives/works across the street) and asked if i could put a piece of art up to decorate his wall and maybe sell (giving him commission of course).  no go.  he already has too much of his own purchased art up.  but he did tell me to stop by kims.  so stop i did. 

it was disheartening to hear that the 'main street program' has been trying to get together with the wynne home art and visitor center (where i have work in the gift shop) and have artists put work in local shops.  she said only 2 other artists were up for it.  considering there aren't even that many shops/places here …

dry cut works for me!

last weekend i got out my newish dry cut saw. i've only used it one or two times as a tester so using it for a few hours really let me get the hang of it;  its such an improvement i cannot begin to tell you!  it might not be apparent here but instead of a fine toxic sandy mist of hot metal from my chop saw, this cuts the metal at a slower rpm and uses a $120 steel blade as opposed to the $7 abrasive blades (which I'd go through each time I cut a handful of vases).  my big fear was that i would immediately ruin the blade....thats what i get for reading too many metal forums.  so far so good.  this blade should last me months depending on how much i cut.   you usually get these blades sharpened but this particular brand which believe it or not is on the cheap side...can't really be sharpened. 

cutting is a breeze...and what you get is bigger clumps of metal that easily sweep up.  i dont even have to wear my face mask because there is no more stink.  still metal flying but no…

cleaning blog

perhaps i should change this to a cleaning blog.
thats all i've been doing. which is great to have the money...
but sure do wish the money was coming from art sales again.
oh is just one big unknown from day to day.

then and now

i was talking to tod the other day on the myself in a particularly bad place (mentally) this week i guess after the reality hit about how now i dont really even have much in the way of cleaning jobs to do right now sunk in and my brain wouldn't stop obsessing about wtf am i gonna do.  i was counting on the end of the school year to bring in a lot of work like last year but it isn't move outs.  there really aren't jobs here and i've got to get creative.  NOW.  he reminded me that my life is working better than even a year ago.  i was not clueless as to what he meant.  he reminded me that this time last year i sold hardly anything online.  and he is right.  i just went and looked...there was a month or so i had no sales.  and from jan-june i had what...SIX sales TOTAL?  it wasn't until 'christmas in july' etsy's 2nd biggest month to sell, that i started getting lots of sales and it pretty much took off with the vases non-stop un…


i've never had much of an attention span.  i can still see my parent's face's a few inches from mine (and keep in mind i'm almost 50 so it's etched in my brain forever i guess) slightly shaking their heads and saying 'you are not listening. you are not paying attention'.  click. tune out.  right. got you.  now i WONT pay attention.  what? did you say something?  can i get back to my own world now please? who needs story problems anyhow....

guess concentration never came too easily for me.  but i have to say, the last few days i've had the concentration of a brain surgeon.  what am i concetrating so hard on?  who knows.  the moment.  whatever is in my hand now.  whatever i am doing now.  i've never misplaced quite so much before but i believe it has to do with the total rearranging of my loft since tod's departure.  a new me. a new space even if its the old space.  sometimes i feel like a big ole turtle head that just wants to stay inside that tu…