Two Views, Auction #3

Forgot to post this here, as I have listed another Mixed Media Wall Piece.  Two Views.  This has always been a favorite of mine...it is a rustic, simple piece that always makes me think of Vermont.  The wood is salvaged from various barns that I visited during weekend hunts for found objects.  You can't beat having a barn sale!    The photo was from such a place, a barn sale with lots of equestrian paraphernalia.  I love that the windows had this thick white plastic sheeting over them for insulation against the weather.  It was a perfect photo in my mind.  Anyhow....it's on ebay now. 

Tod finally left.  hahaha FINALLY.  I say that because he was on standby and it only took 4 days to actually get the green light and even then it almost didn't happen because i just could not force myself to drive on that horrid freeway with no sleep and panic grabbing me.  he made it.  farewell....he is now a seattlite and i guess i am a texan although i've yet to feel like one.  i know this isn't where i will stay long term....yet nowhere else feels right.  staying put until i know. 

i will list more things soon on ebay.  and keep listing them over and over until they sell/until i move/until i lose my mind and throw everything out the window or something better occurs to me to do.  have a good weekend! 


Patricia said...

It is really hard to let go of someone you care about. Living in limbo waiting is even harder.

Now that he is gone let yourself mourn. It is truly okay to do that. I feel for you, I have been there.

You are a gifted artist and he has given you the gift of believing that. I admire your work (love the striped candle holders) and all that you do to make it happen.

Hang on to yourself


paula said...

thank you pat. i think until i have some wiggle room with living/rent/money i'm going to be in constant stress mode. i hope i have space/time/for art again!!! i feel like i've mourned the last month while he was here and now i'm just obsessed with surviving. he and i are friends and not out of each others lives. i'm thankful for that.
ps thanks for saying you like my sliced candle holders :)