tell me now

okay i had like 30 some comments on my facebook fan page in response to am i humiliating myself putting wall art pieces that sell in galleries for $500-2000 on ebay for $99.  the answer is YES.
what a moron i am.
makes one do crazy things.

so. the thoughts are do what you have to do.
i have to get rid of my wall art. you'd never know tod left, the loft is even fuller with all my storage stuff and art.  regardless of if i get to keep living here for a few more months, regardless of if i win the lottery and stay forever, the art has to go.  i still do not understand how people make shitloads of art and keep it.  i'm thinking last june i had 25 sales on etsy.  today i have 196 sales.  can you imagine if i made all that and it never sold?  can you imagine me running and screaming and hurling myself down a cliff?

i have truly been having an artistential crisis.  i want to make more art...when i'm actually making art i'm fine.  but when i'm not, when i'm contemplating it (or busy and can't do it such as now)...i start obsessing about how little room i have and where to put it all until it sells.

it has me feeling stymied.  were it not for the fact i have a good track record for selling my art, i'd think maybe i suck and i should keep it as a hobby and give it all away as i make it.  that isn't the case so far, thank god.  but the question remains what/how...to do/deal with this wall art that i do not plan to make anymore. 
gentle reminder:
1) galleries are not going to take on an artists work that they aren't making anymore if you are new to them and they have any sense.
2) yes i have tried small galleries within a 50 mi radius.
3) no i do not have the time/money (for gas) or desire quite frankly to drive to houston or austin or dallas and try to get this work (about 20 pieces) into galleries
4) i do not have a tent, money to buy one, tables...nor do i have a big car to carry all my heavy shit to put up in some local art market.  the ones i have tried to do that already had tents...i had to keep it small and not bring my big heavy wall art.  it isn't an option.  i need to move this stuff YESTERDAY.  the only reason i am not tossing it (well taking it to the scrap yard for top dollar) is because i know it is sellable.  i know too that i spent a good amount of money on the prints being made/laminated and i would hate myself forever if i didn't try to at least recoup that.
5)that leaves me with online because locally, in huntsville, selling fine art is like ....like i dunno what.  i dont know the people here if they do buy fine art.  i've had a few sales from the local art center but they only take a few pieces and get picky when the same artists are in there all the time.  suffice to say i'm lucky i have a few vases in there and a puzzle sculpture.

i guess i will load these back on etsy....and the debate is whether to mark them 'on sale'.  as it is they are all half of what i would charge if you were to walk into a gallery since the gallery would take 50% i'm passing that savings on to the online world.

what do you think? do i list them lower?
do i keep on saying like a broken record here that i will take offers?  i am very hesitant to keep saying i have wall art for sale here because i assume i have the same 10 readers and they are going to get tired of me if i dont have a new message.

fa la la la la


Our Vision and Mission said...

How about you say they're on sale because you have run out of storage space? It's a practical consideration. I have dust gathering on work because I don't have time to pursue the business side. It's getting easier to see my older work being reduced in price, because I don't value it as much as my newer work. Partly because I know that my work has really progressed in the past year or two. Recovering your costs is okay sometimes.

Christopher Paquette said...

I've had work in five shows in the past few months... nothing has sold. Can be very discouraging. I constantly angst over what price to ask for work, and really struggle with the urge to drop the price way down just so it will sell.

Hang with it... it's not you, it's the times we are living in.

paula said...

yes so many reasons people need to be flexible with pricing....
i used to think you had to stick with a price no matter what, now i have no idea if that is stoic or stupid. good luck you guys :)