The Sage/Auction #2

Yesterday I listed 'The Sage' on ebay.  This listing will end on April 19th.  Still getting used to ebay and unsure of whats best, 5 day, 7 day...30 day?  Any thoughts?  I guess if I'm going to be here another month for sure it can't hurt to have a longer listing.  Will have to keep plugging away and see. 

I finally got all my art and art materials out of storage.  You'd never know that tod will be gone tomorrow because of all MY boxes everywhere.  Tod is only taking two bags with him and I will send him his boxes when he gets settled.  Remember that one Peanuts character that has all the whirl of dusty dirt following him in a cloud?  Thats what I feel like.  If you were to see me you'd probably not see ME as much as this cloud of jumbled energy.  What next?  Maybe when Tod is gone I will focus a little more.

I'd like to make some flowers for that Orange Show outdoor sculpture Park in Houston.  Haven't done a thing and they wanted most of it by the end of the month.  Not likely I will get much done but maybe I can try.  Maybe I will go on a pipe cutting jag and cut up all my pipes just to have them ready to work on should I move and not be able to cut metal wherever I end up living.  Maybe I should sell all those pipes back to the scrap yard for $$?  who knows.  Maybe I will join the circus.


Kim Hambric said...

Flowers, yes!

Circus, no!

collage whirl said...

Nooooo-circuses are nasty!

We do prefer your flowers :-)

paula said...

i've been watching too much carnivale...

andrea said...

That Peanuts character? Pigpen. :) (BTW the link to my blog on your sidebar is out-of-date...)

paula said...

yes...pigpen. paula pigpen :-o
will correct the blog link thank you!