proof of how stupid it is here job wise

not even 1 page of jobs.  none of which i am qualified for or could physically or mentally do.

from whickee whickeeee pedia:

As of 2005 the largest employer in Huntsville is the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, with 6,744 employees. The second largest is Sam Houston State University, with 2,458 employees. The third largest employer is the Huntsville Independent School District, with 974 employees. The fourth largest employer, Huntsville Memorial Hospital, has 540 employees. 517 employees work for the fifth largest employer, Wal-Mart.[9]
As of 2007 Huntsville's average income is lower than the State of Texas's average income.

i dont wanna be a prison guard. can't be a teacher at the university....
i'll keep looking.  we all know that i panic in wal-marts so i aint working there. 


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Ashley said...

pretty much the same story here too.

Thongbai Tatong said...

Now I know it is a very small town.

Maybe you can also advertise yourself on the newspaper, that you are looking for work??