Auction #4

Now offering 'Back View Woman'.  I painted this on canvas my winter spent in Minnesota. My first winter 'on the road' so to speak.  I spent about 8 months there, that is where I began earnestly seeking my way with art making.  I dabbled in drawing and painting, then moved on to painting on ceramics (most of which I had to throw out when I moved on as it wouldn't all fit in my already packed car).  A few mugs and coasters are out there in the world...some of you even have one or two eh?

Anyhow.  Since this was just on canvas i could roll it up and take with.  It would be about 5 years later that I had it professionally scanned/printed as a giclee and then professionally laminated onto the 1/4 MDF board.  tada.  art. 

what else.... oh i'm quite pleased that a puzzle piece sold (not on ebay but on etsy!)  yesterday.  thank you you you know who you are.  also this weekend one of my ebay auctions ended with a bid, so that was nice too. 

recap: tod finally made it out of here on friday.  one helluva week.  i am now busy with catching up on much needed sleep, as well as doing a big clean/rearrange/reorganize and refitting my brain into my skull.  still nothing speaking to me or coming to me as far as living situations.  i sometimes get the strangest feeling that maybe i'm not supposed to go anywhere right now.  i mean if nothing is coming then there is nothing doing. i am most curious what the hell is going to happen.  i've put my life on auto pilot...i just am tired of trying to control is cuz you can't really do that anyhow. 

oddest time EVER.  cleaning jobs have stopped for now.  my art mojo is buried at present.  my studio is a mess and everything is out of whack and out of order.  when in doubt.  do what is in front of you.  hence massive organizing/going thru things and preparing the best i can for a move, even if i dont know if/when.  i hope to make some art this week if i can ever find my studio space again. 


Nellie's Needles said...

I wake up with coffee served in one of your mugs ... on its matching coaster at my bedside. Consequently, my early morning thought is "Good morning, Paula."

paula said...

you just changed everything :)
now i wont feel so alone in the morning

deb said...

funny how cleaning can help tho', at least it always helps me get un-funked. Thinking about you and wishing you nothing but joy

paula said...

thanks deb...is this etsy ny deb i wonder...mmmm

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

thinking about you too, Paula--damn--wish I had one of your cups. I need good energy in the morning...it's great about your two sales--it's a sign that there are people who covet your work

Kim Hambric said...

Organize, organize, organize. Get it ready. Get yourself ready. You KNOW the art mojo is in you somewhere. By doing what you are doing now, well, you ARE doing things. Setting up the next stage.