art giveaway ends today at 5pm central time

today at 5 pm i will take all the numbers (substituted for your name) and swirl them around and while blindfolded, choose the winner of my art giveaway!  i will announce the winner on my blog and facebook fan page.  (if you want to have a chance at this you must have donated via paypal by 4:30 pm central time)

i will then choose from the remaining numbers another winner, they will be given the opportunity to choose from a vase or a candle holder (will be shown on the blog).  everyone else will be emailed a link to large file images that they can download of the actual photo's of their choosing (the wonder horse or wall dancers). 

thank you so much to those of you who have participated in this giveaway.  i am really excited to see who wins, you have all been very generous and supportive.  bless you all.  paula

*the winning number will be announced here just after 5pm and i will of course email you all with instructions/link how to get your 8x10" digital image online.

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