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Which One?

My newsletter is coming out today, normally I would send this exclusively via email to all those whom have signed up, this time however I am also posting it on my blog as it pertains to my blog:

Paula's Newsletter #2, March 2011

A time of new growth. Changes. If you've seen my recent blog post you are familiar with the changes that are soon to happen in my world. Having lived with Tod for seven years, I will soon be living alone as he embarks on his own journey in life in the pacific northwest. I will stay here in Huntsville and begin to build a life of my own here as a solo artist.

My challenges at the moment are figuring out where to move or how to make it work so I can stay in this loft for a while longer which, the more I look around, is perhaps the most practical/workable spot for me since I will now have more room work and storage space in this apartment. I'm open to moving but that will take some getting ahead financially and right now my goal is to sell some art and see what happens.

Having said that, I've come up with an idea to offer art to people who might otherwise not be able to afford it, as well as to give me an opportunity to lighten my load and introduce more people to my work. That being, I am going to offer a piece of art on my blog to a random winner from the list of donors. Before I decide which piece to offer I wanted to poll my readers on which piece they would like to see me offer. The two choices are:

The Wonder Horse

Industrial Wall Art. Photography Assemblage Industrial Wall Art. Photography Assemblage Industrial Wall Art. Photography Assemblage Industrial Wall Art. Photography Assemblage Industrial Wall Art. Photography Assemblage
The Wonder Horse II, 2008
Print: 12x17(in) #1/20
Total Size 22" diameter
Mixed Media Assemblage
Wholesale Value: $350 Retail Value: $700

The Wonder Horse is a C-Print that has been laminated onto a 1/4" black beveled MDF (medium density fiberboard). The lamination means you dont have to frame this in glass and can easily wipe it a soft cloth to clean dust. The Photograph is mounted to a cut up foundry pattern (100 + yrs old) from an old saw mill in VT. A barrel band serves and the 'frame' for this lightweight/sturdy piece.

The Wonder Horse is a child's carousel horse that I found in an old ravine on a dairy farm. I photographed him and later went back to rescue him!

My Mixed Media Photo Assemblages have exhibited in galleries since 2006. They have been bought by art collectors from all over the US.  Prices have been reduced by at least half as I am no longer in galleries and there is no 50% commission to split.
'Wall Dancers"
Wall Dancers, 2006
21(w)x29(H)" Print #3/5
Mixed Media Assemblage
Wholesale Value: $275  Retail Value: $550

Wall Dancers is a 12x18(in)C-Print that has been laminated onto a 1/4" black beveled MDF (medium density fiberboard). The lamination means you dont have to frame this in glass and can easily wipe it a soft cloth to clean dust. The photograph is float mounted onto a painted grid and is very lightweight and durable.

The photo is a close up of peeling paint on an old barn door. I see crazy wall dancing type shadows and shapes in the dark images, hence the name. I took this picture just outside of Wolcott, VT.

A suggested donation of $15 or more via PayPal or personal check (contact me for that info) will enter you in the drawing. When the chosen date has arrived I will pick a name out of a hat and the winner will receive the artwork at no extra cost to them.  I will handle shipping and insurance. 

You will have another opportunity to receive some art via a 2nd, smaller 'give away'.  I am also going to offer either a vase or a pipe candle holder to the 2nd person who's name I pluck from the hat.  I will contact the winner and let them choose from a select few vases and candle holders; again, they will not incur any charges for shipping.  Keep in mind if you are overseas I will not be responsible for any duty taxes you are likely to incur for anything valued over $200.

And everyone else?  I would love to send you a high resolution image (suitable to print as an 8x10") file of the piece you preferred regardless of which gets chosen (just the photo not the mixed media piece).  You would have my written permission to print that image for your personal use or just enjoy as a desktop or screen saver image.  Include the name of the piece you liked best with your donation.

Please email me or post in my blog comment which piece you would like to see offered.  You can vote until 5pm Friday March 18th which piece you would like to see in my give away.  Once I have the results I will post the chosen piece on my blog.  To give as many people as possible a chance to see this I will promote this on my blog for 2 weeks.  The winner(s) will be selected and notified at that time.  To protect their identities I will only list them by first initial as winning unless they give me permission to share their name or online identity.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could share the blog post in any way that feels easy/comfortable to you.  I really appreciate you all for being supportive and interested both in my work and my life.  Thank you so much and good luck!  *ps if there is a tie i will choose the less expensive of the two pieces (wall dancers) so VOTE!!!!!

Which piece do you prefer? 

1) The Wonder Horse
2) Wall Dancers
Best to you!


Kim Hambric said…
You KNOW that the Wonder Horse is one of my all time favorite things.
I'm digging "Wall Dancers" over here!
paula said…
omg what if no one else votes??????????
Colleen Kole said…
I vote on Wall Dancer. Either of them are great but I love the peeling barn paint.

Paula, my friend -patience. Deep breathe and they will come.
Angela Recada said…
They are both wonderful - but Wonder Horse always makes me stop to take a longer look, so it gets my vote.
collage whirl said…
Wall Dancers--love the movement and the title!
Maggie M said…
Give me WALL DANCERS! :)
Though I DO love Wonder Horse~! ;)
Teo said…
I love both of them so much, but my vote goes to The Wonder Horse, it a fantastic piece! Thank you for the opportunity to win, this will be such a fun giveaway!
pey said…
Wonder Horse for moi, Miss Paula,
Love your art lottery idea.
xo P.
betsy bensen said…
too hard. but if I HAD to choose, I'd say wall dancers...

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