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my kind of blues

yesterday tod and i went to the scrap yard and i spotted a beautiful knob.  i wouldn't call this a faucet handle...its much larger and it was attached to an octopus of pipe paraphernalia.  lucky for me it came free easily.  there were a few other knobs attached to things but they were onerous and alas left behind.  found some more small shits too for flower making.  got a handful of rebar for more flower i need some weather cooperation and i can get to work.  god help me i guess i can go clean an apartment and make some spare change instead.

i do have about seven flowers in the queue.  mostly i'm waiting on a little sunshine and nice weather to take my outdoor photos before posting them online for sale.  rain all week is predicted, so i will just have to occupy myself some other way. tod came back saturday from his five week stint housesitting in seattle.  he couldn't find much in the way of scrap...its too clean there!  he did bring back a BEAUTIFUL blue reflector.  it puts my huntsville reflectors to shame.  can't wait to make this into an exotic aquatic flower.

other than that...working at a snails pace with some pendant ideas.  i'm clueless about affixing and bevels(?) and jump ring sizes and on and on.  can't seem to get myself  to drive the 50 miles to go to a box store to have a closer look at jewelry making supplies.  i prefer online but haven't taken the time to search much.  it's all good though, i've got plenty i can be doing.  more flowers...taxes...and other art ideas.  the days zip by and between the art and etsy (lately i prefer etsy to facebook, their new activity page and treasuries and just all around good exchanges with others has been very engrossing), i find i have little time for much else. hence the boring blog post :)


collage whirl said…
Can't wait to see what a Paula pendant looks like!
Teo said…
I can't wait to see the wonders you will create with these goodies. I'm so glad that Tod came back, five weeks already?! Sending some good weather with sun shine your way :)
Paula, whatever you make will have the 'Paula' mark on it. That makes me very excited!!!
donauluft said…
I is so satisfying to follow one´s inspiration, and to try something new!..looking forward to seeing...
kathiroussel said…
look at that color!! you hit the jackpot with that visit. can't wait to see what you do with this paula. looks like you had a great haul-- happy day!
San said…
Great finds, out of the blue. That knob is gorgeous.

We're doing the happy dance at my place. My daughter had some long-awaited, wonderful news.

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