life update

i dont have news to share in regards to where i'm going.  i've been in overwhelm and busy cleaning some places for the landlord as well as trying to finish taking pictures and uploading art that has been in the wings.  all of that that always swallows most of my time up.  i  do keep putting the word out about needing a place to live/work.  i've got no real leads. feel no real pull.  i do believe austin will be a place for me eventually, it doesn't quite feel right to go there right now with so little in the way of funds/support/jobs.  i've met a couple people thru craigslist but no bites yet for real possibility.  i've kind of reached this new plateau with the amount of worry/fear and stress that i can hold in my body and am now just doing my best to trust and allow and believe that somehow it will work out.  it DOES feel better to believe it will be alright than to believe i'm fucked.

smallest of small chances i could stay here another month or so if need be.  we did give our notice but if no one rents it out i might be able to hang on a little longer.  someone gave me a lead for another cleaning gig for a family here in town.  i'm not really keen on having to be somewhere every week at a certain time but for now, i know i have to focus on bringing buckage in.  i'm seriously considering opening another etsy shop selling some vintage items as well as supplies.  vintage is HUGE on etsy right now and i know a few people who do so well they barely have time for their art.  i dont have access to much in the way of vintage but just like my flower shop, long as i can have a page up that works for me. 

dont forget if you know anyone who wants a chance to win art to tell them about my fundraiser/giveaway.  there is still time!  the winner will be announced april 1 at 5pm.  see my website for details.


Kim Hambric said...

go with that cleaning buckage, especially if it leaves you with time to do your own thing.

collage whirl said...

Scoring vintage stuff goes hand in hand with junkin'--the thrill of the hunt. But it's more STUFF if you're thinking of moving.