It starts now!

Per the post below, today is the kick off for your chance to win a piece of art.  Since it is basically an even split of choice, nearly half voted for Wall Dancers and the other for The Wonder Horse, I have decided that whomever's name I pick can have whichever piece they wanted.

Just to be on the safe side since I'm not sure how blogger stands on such types of donation/giveaways, I am posting the rules on my website as well as the PayPal button.  Once I have received your donation you will receive a number via email and 2 weeks from today when I pull the numbers from the hat your number will be revealed if you are the winner.  (that way you have privacy and can exclaim to the world if you wish or remain anonymous).

Keep in mind there will be a 2nd hat pulling immediately after for another chance to pick from a vase/or candle holder of my choosing.  Details, rules etc are all on my website.  Thank you so much and please if you can, repost this or send the link of my website to friends/facebook/twitter etc.  I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't really need some help with this move, new life I am having to embrace. (see 2 posts down if you aren't privy).

Good luck and thank you so much!  I will announce the winner Friday, April 1 at 5pm central standard time.

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