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Orange Show/Smither Park Opening
Rendering by Pat Lopez
A rendering of Smither Park
Dan Phillips has invited me to make some flowers for the Smither Park in Houston, Texas. This new addition to the  Orange Show Center for Visionary Art  led by Stephanie Smither who 'is piloting the program as a tribute to her late husband, John H. Smither...".  This is an exciting possibility for me and I am hoping that I have a chance to participate in this event.

Most of you already know my life is in a state of flux at the moment.  If I can stay here in my loft a few months I will most certainly get to work on this, it will push me to create something slightly different than my relatively 'new' found object rebar flowers as I will need to make some flowers that fit under certain guidelines: i will not be paid for the work submitted. the flowers must avoid anything that will degrade in fifty years.  that is, no plastic, paper, wood, or anything that might have a life-expectancy of less than fifty years.  and each flower or set of flowers must be such that they can be embedded in thin-set mortar.  

it would definitely be a great learning experience as well as an opportunity. other than buying more scrap to make the flowers/stems, my costs would be relatively low.  i am already thinking i would need to make a base for groups of flowers so this can all be more easily installed/set into the mortar.  end of april is the time they want the bulk of the work.  it would be amazing if i could partake in this!  

i have to say this last week has been an emotional roller coaster, the idea of tod leaving and me not knowing where to go has kept me from feeling like making any art.  it's been overwhelming thinking about where/when/how to move let alone really finding a place that fits my artist studio needs.  i feel i am going in 100 different directions at once and as many artists experience, when you aren't making art it can feel like you are unraveling and losing bits of yourself.  i think today is the first day that i am feeling some hope and support.  i'm not sure change will ever feel easy or good.  i'm not sure i will ever have dignity...i don't handle upsets easily and it's easy to chastise myself for how i react and behave.  if i can jump back on the art track maybe i can level myself out again.  even if i dont have the time/opportunity to get involved with this, just being asked is very cool and i will have to trust more opportunities will present themselves.


donauluft said…
exiting news!
No wonder they asked you to participate!
It could be a chance many people take notice of your art! Hope it works for you, Paula!
Maggie M said…
Maybe Mosaic?
Glad you are keeping the irons in many different fires, maybe feel chaotic, but, keeps you hopping! :)
cat said…
Hey Paula,

Congrats on such a cool opportunity!!
Sorry to hear that your are struggling with life issues. Change is definitely not easy but we need to embrace it and learn from it. At the moment of experiencing change it never feels good, but never give up and always have faith. When I was at the lowest point in my life several years ago, it was my faith and that got me through those dark days.
Time does heal all wounds and you will rebound stronger than ever.

Your like a tree that bends in the storms, but never breaks.

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