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i had some relief hit late yesterday.  not what i was hoping for in the bigger picture but for now, i have a little breathing room. before i go into that,  i tell ya one thing i'm going to miss about tod big time is the like-mindedness in regards to how we view how life can be.  granted he see's things in the bigger picture and i do not (yet)....and we are very different as i am almost 100% kinesthetic and he 100% logical, somehow we meet up when it comes understanding/believing that there is a way to live the way you want and not succumb to the mainstream.  is it harder? uh  yeah...for now.  but easier in other ways.  like for me it would be way harder to have a 'real job', with my  back/body/mind issues and the soul sucking existence (for me) that that would play out as, i wouldn't bother, i know it. i spent my teens and young adulthood doing that and now i know why i was crazy drunk.  it was the only way i could stand my life.

i know to plenty of people i look …

life update

i dont have news to share in regards to where i'm going.  i've been in overwhelm and busy cleaning some places for the landlord as well as trying to finish taking pictures and uploading art that has been in the wings.  all of that that always swallows most of my time up.  i  do keep putting the word out about needing a place to live/work.  i've got no real leads. feel no real pull.  i do believe austin will be a place for me eventually, it doesn't quite feel right to go there right now with so little in the way of funds/support/jobs.  i've met a couple people thru craigslist but no bites yet for real possibility.  i've kind of reached this new plateau with the amount of worry/fear and stress that i can hold in my body and am now just doing my best to trust and allow and believe that somehow it will work out.  it DOES feel better to believe it will be alright than to believe i'm fucked.

smallest of small chances i could stay here another month or so if need …

art project possibility

Orange Show/Smither Park Opening Rendering by Pat Lopez A rendering of Smither Park Dan Phillips has invited me to make some flowers for the Smither Park in Houston, Texas. This new addition to the  Orange Show Center for Visionary Artled by Stephanie Smither who 'is piloting the program as a tribute to her late husband, John H. Smither...".  This is an exciting possibility for me and I am hoping that I have a chance to participate in this event.
Most of you already know my life is in a state of flux at the moment.  If I can stay here in my loft a few months I will most certainly get to work on this, it will push me to create something slightly different than my relatively 'new' found object rebar flowers as I will need to make some flowers that fit under certain guidelines: i will not be paid for the work submitted. the flowers must avoid anything that will degrade in fifty years.  that is, no plastic, paper, wood, or anything that might have a life-expectancy of less …

It starts now!

Per the post below, today is the kick off for your chance to win a piece of art.  Since it is basically an even split of choice, nearly half voted for Wall Dancers and the other for The Wonder Horse, I have decided that whomever's name I pick can have whichever piece they wanted.

Just to be on the safe side since I'm not sure how blogger stands on such types of donation/giveaways, I am posting the rules on my website as well as the PayPal button.  Once I have received your donation you will receive a number via email and 2 weeks from today when I pull the numbers from the hat your number will be revealed if you are the winner.  (that way you have privacy and can exclaim to the world if you wish or remain anonymous).

Keep in mind there will be a 2nd hat pulling immediately after for another chance to pick from a vase/or candle holder of my choosing.  Details, rules etc are all on my website.  Thank you so much and please if you can, repost this or send the link of my website t…

Which One?

My newsletter is coming out today, normally I would send this exclusively via email to all those whom have signed up, this time however I am also posting it on my blog as it pertains to my blog:

Paula's Newsletter #2, March 2011

A time of new growth. Changes. If you've seen my recent blog post you are familiar with the changes that are soon to happen in my world. Having lived with Tod for seven years, I will soon be living alone as he embarks on his own journey in life in the pacific northwest. I will stay here in Huntsville and begin to build a life of my own here as a solo artist.

My challenges at the moment are figuring out where to move or how to make it work so I can stay in this loft for a while longer which, the more I look around, is perhaps the most practical/workable spot for me since I will now have more room work and storage space in this apartment. I'm open to moving but that will take some getting ahead financially and right now my goal i…

The Cats of Mirikitani

Last night I watched a movie about Jimmy Mirikitani.  Jimmy is a Japanese Artist  who was found living on the streets of NYC in Jan. 2001 by filmmaker Linda Hattendorf.   He wasn't an alcoholic, he wasn't a drug addict or mentally ill.  No.  He was an American Citizen, born in California 85 years ago who had the misfortune of being of Japanese dissent and placed in the California Japanese Internment Camps during WW2.  His life would never be the same.
Rare is the film about an artist who doesn't appear to be suffering from mental illness or 'drama' that seems self indulgent.  When the film first got started you see Jimmy on the streets and not looking so good.  You don't know anything about him and it is easy to think he is crazy or an alcoholic.  While not 'great', at first glance his art looked very simple and almost stunted in a childlike era both mechanically and subject wise.  All of that vanishes as you get to know who the artist is, see his work …

a new chapter

many of you know that tod went to washington for five weeks.  he returned a week ago.  fast forward to now and it appears that everything is no longer ever going to be the same.  he has decided it is time for him to move on, leave huntsville and 'us' and continue on his own journey through life.

i can't say that i am shocked.  i will try not to write too much about him here as it is his journey and story to tell online if he ever decides to do that.  suffice to say we have been friends and partners if you will, for about seven years.  i met tod when i was on the road, on MY journey towards becoming an artist.  i had been gone from arizona for just over a year and after a summer of more driving/camping across the states and canada, i landed in vermont and eventually decided to spend a winter there.  it was late summer/early fall and after deciding i was really going to get a little apartment in waterbury, vermont, i soon met tod who lived in stowe.  we became fast friends a…

my kind of blues

yesterday tod and i went to the scrap yard and i spotted a beautiful knob.  i wouldn't call this a faucet handle...its much larger and it was attached to an octopus of pipe paraphernalia.  lucky for me it came free easily.  there were a few other knobs attached to things but they were onerous and alas left behind.  found some more small shits too for flower making.  got a handful of rebar for more flower i need some weather cooperation and i can get to work.  god help me i guess i can go clean an apartment and make some spare change instead.
i do have about seven flowers in the queue.  mostly i'm waiting on a little sunshine and nice weather to take my outdoor photos before posting them online for sale.  rain all week is predicted, so i will just have to occupy myself some other way. tod came back saturday from his five week stint housesitting in seattle.  he couldn't find much in the way of scrap...its too clean there!  he did bring back a BEAUTIFUL blue reflec…