the power of the flower

Pistona Cylindubious, 2011
Approx. 27" tall
Flower: approx 4" wide

i finally have 3 or 4 of these piston cylinder thingies. this is the first flower i've made with one and i've noticed all of the pistons are different...what exactly they went to?  lawnmowers...chainsaws.  who knows.  i love them and want more but i am thinking they will be hard to come by.   the challenge remains to find objects that i can make a bouquet with of the same 'body'.  the road reflectors to date are the only thing in abundance.

Smashed Bauxite Un-Ore-Dinary , 2011
Approx. 17" tall
Flower: approx 3" wide

quite fond of this one too.  i find so many smashed cans and containers on the roadside, of course i had to make a flower from one.  the backside is comprised of a found black 'cup' thing and a black rubber part that i pick up at the tire shops.  to me it is pure magic how these parts somehow all fit together and make what is to me, a perfect flower.

Transitional Outage, 2011
Approx. 19 1/2" tall
Flower: approx 4.5" long
2" wide

the electrical boxes are fun challenges...they have several punch out holes which in this case were filled with found auto plastic/rubber.  who knows what all is in the center of this flower, layers of objects that magically fit together.  i like thinking these are powerful flowers.  they carried things, held things.  relayed and powered machines and fluids.  they can rest now and take life easy.


sarala said...

This is such creative stuff. Glad you are making art.

Tod said...

You had me at Transitional Outage.

paula said...

i'll give you a transitional outage buddy

donauluft said...

your new flowers look really dangerous!

"the power of the flower"

ArtPropelled said...

I think it was Yoko who said, I have power in my flower. Paula these flowers of yours are full of power.

paula said...

thanks viktoria, i suppose some of them are a bit 'tough' :)
robyn, never heard that one re yoko, but i'm glad you see it. thanks!