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newsletter: take II

did i make that newsletter sound fun!!!!????
hours later i'm getting my trickle of subscribers and thinking it is SO typical of me to do something and as i fear it or am unsure of it, i dont give it the excitement and oomph it deserves.
so here, i'm giving myself another chance:

I am creating a newsletter!  I have taken it for granted that people can find out what is going on with me on facebook.  I have many artist friends on facebook as well as my fan page.  I'm in touch with a lot of people on etsy as well and never gave much thought to sending a newsletter out so you can find out more about my world, my art without having to track me down online.  It is obvious there are plenty of people who still haven't embraced facebook.  Many don't use etsy convo's.  The list goes on.  Heck I can't even keep track of all these sites sometimes.

Having said that, I'm going to give a monthly newsletter a shot.  I plan on sharing things there that aren't already here.  You can get glimpses of my world, I will try to include photos of what I am working on, perhaps new work that you might not have seen with links as well.  Hopefully it will be a more intimate and interesting take of what it is I do nearly day in and day out.  I will try to write one every month. Sometimes I will also highlight other artists as well, I really believe in the power of artists sharing their love of what other artist's do.  It is how we get inspired is it not?

So, I invite you to join my newsletter. You can sign up by entering your email address in the box just under my profile info on the sidebar.  I look forward to writing my first one soon as I get at least 10 subscribers ...hahaha i have such low expectations dont i?


sarala said…
Oh, I missed take I. It happens. I'd love a subscription. You know my e-mail but I'll enter it anyway.
Sorry, I'm sure I've owed you a note for weeks! Feel mentally I bit dry.
paula said…
thanks, congrats you are #10 i officially have enough to warrant writing my first one :)
take one is below...its boring, you wouldn't have signed up if you read it.
yeah i see you out there, still uploading cool photos at least!
collage whirl said…
I admire this new project of yours and am looking forward to my Paula Newsletter!
Poetic Artist said…
Good luck with the new project..I wish I had something worth telling
LOL..Now when I am out looking for found objects, I see things that make me think of your work..
donauluft said…
Hi Paula, of course I too want you to send me your newsletter!
You are right, there are plenty of people who still haven´t embraced facebook! I´m one of them!!!
have a great sunday!
paula said…
thanks you guys :)
kathiroussel said…
3 cheers for your news letter lady-- now i can keep up with your antics, rantings and wonderful new work! i'm signing up tonight! you'll be halfway to 10-- time to get newsy!
paula said…
i have work to do ! :)
ArtPropelled said…
Count me in! I would love to receive your newsletter.
paula said…
you are IN
Cynthia said…
I'm late to the party (story of my life) but OF COURSE I want to receive your newsletter!!!
Teo said…
Are there any more available places?? I'd love to get your newsletter! I'm not a big facebook user... so please sign me up!

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