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 i have some new flowers that i need to edit the photos and put up on my etsy flower shop, but for now, below are some individual photos of other new flowers that i sold this week in huntsville.  (the silver 'box' one is the only one still available and will get that on etsy too) i have yet to name of my favorites things is coming up with a name and description.  i listed a flower yesterday in my shop, the Bulbous Electro-tus.  it isn't new new, its just i hadn't wanted to list all my flowers at once, you gotta dole it out you see.

yellow sold

i love how things just work out...that above 'blue wheel' i got awhile back at the scrap yard.  just last week i was out walking and saw this teeny tiny 'ceramic like conductor' thing and thought nah...and then i thought oh just grab it and when i got home i realized it was a perfect fit for the center of the blue flower.  it matches that white/rust perfectly!   nellie had sent me a little box of scrap goodies and you can see above, the back of the blue wheel flower a weird 'cup' like thing that works perfectly to bulk up an otherwise 'flat' flower.  thank you nellie!

the reflector flowers (i will post a new white/black one on etsy later today i hope) are really cool for exhibiting outside. if light catches them they do have a bit of a glow about them. i will admit they are fairly simple, for now i appreciate the wabi sabi of them and find the backsides just as brilliant as the front.  there is still cement and rocks encrusted on some of them and i try to find nice nuts/bolts or whatever to attach to the rebar and flower.  so far the fronts don't seem to need anything else as the reflectors have plenty of personality.

 i've started painting the stems with the rust converter to help protect it against the elements.  from what i hear you would probably want to reapply that every few years if you don't want rust to start coming back (and you live in a wet area).  rebar is everywhere out there, look for it next time you are walking around any construction area or even in gutters along the road.  rebar is thick and doesn't rust to dust...but it will rust again over time and whether you like that look is up to you.  i've warmed up to the darker look of the rust converter...i still like how the unpainted rebar has this cool white, silver, brown look so i'm keeping that look for indoor flowers.   the challenge for me is finding more colorful baubles and working when its cold and rainy outside.  hope to have more flowers soon, god knows i have plenty of vases :)


Love that top photo of all the flowers together. Looks like someone turned on some James Brown and they are dancing.
Tod said…
Bring it!
There's a children's picture book called The Tin Forest by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson. See if you can get your hands on it. It reminds me of you. Beautiful, beautiful work, Paula!
collage whirl said…
The top photo reminds me of Brave Little Toaster. If you've missed that, you have GOT to see it! Love your flower names too :-)and of course these fantastic flowers.
paula said…
here i was thinking what a dull photo..dull background..but you see life and joy and fun. i've never heard of the tin forest or brave little toaster! will look around!thanks for your words you guys
Pure FUN! Your cement and dormant grass backgrounds are perfect backdrops for these industrial flowers.
ArtPropelled said…
The flakiness of the backgrounds suit the flakiness of your flowers.
LOVE the vase full of Bulbous Electro-tus blooms!
paula said…
happy :)
donauluft said…
cool new flowers, Paula!
I just thought, it is crazy that your industrial flowers are looking much more living to me than really growing ones !?
They seem to have an independent existence !
sarala said…
Love the flowers. And thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog! It really matters.
paula said…
quite a compliment viktoria, thank you!
you are welcome shara, love your blog :)
Poetic Artist said…
I really am enjoying your new creations. The flowers are wonderful..Do you mind me asking what area of the States you are in? I am a finder of many things and I do not know what to do with them sometimes..I think of you with a lot of my stuff and was wondering if you would like some things found in my area of the world..AL,TN.
paula said…
thank you katlen...i will email you :)
cat said…
Very cool flowers Paula!!

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