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bromeliads & other

 a client shared a photo of her outdoor rock garden with her new flowers

new one, as of yet untitled.  found this wooden dowel on the highway awhile back.  the center has a faded pink plastic thing for the 'stigma'.  its another subtle one...earthy i like to think.  

White Khaki Bromeliad

some new flowers as of late.  my bromeliads have sold save for the white khaki which is fairly new and has been recently added to my industrial bloom shop. i'm liking the faucet ones (bromeliads).  i don't normally buy my materials but this week i broke down and did some ebay sniping and got a stock of faucet knobs.  its shocking how expensive they can be... i was pleased to have gotten what i consider to be quite a good deal on 77 of them.  i have work to do!  hopefully my rebar stash will see me through a few batches of flowers. i hesitate to store much more of anything under our little rickety loft steps.

its been quite in my world.  seasonal crap i'm sure and just a little worn down by my own thoughts. my tendency is to slide out of the present and worry about the future.  or wonder.  or knock repeatedly on a door that isn't seeming to open and rather than walk away and find another one i just stand there waiting.  i am so grateful that i've been selling just enough flowers/vases/other art that somehow i make it each month.  there is still the nagging thought of now what.  what is next.  what am i supposed to be doing.  where am i headed.  its a lot of mental nonsense probably.  i know i'm very content when i sit down and just work on a flower.  i sometimes have to push out thoughts that try to tell me i am not doing anything purposeful or productive.  when i question what i am doing i always feel nuts.  when i do what i want/do what i love to do  (making a flower or whatever piece of art i'm working on at the moment) i am fine.

some of you may i have noticed i'm not on facebook much right now.  the only thing i seem to keep up with is etsy.  it's my livelihood.  right now i am trying to keep my little head quiet.  it helps to be online a little less, even if it worries me i might 'disappear' from the online world.  it's only hard to follow my instinct when i think.  thinking isn't a good thing.  not for me.


Let me tell you, Paula, I love these flowers--they are installations in art-terminology, and anyone with an eye for art ought to see it as a gold-mine. As far as your thoughts and feelings go about doing your work, I am having the same self-doubts which I constantly have to push away. But...there is no greater feeling than getting into that flow, and I would go with it, as anything else is unthinkable at this point.
deb said…
I have a whole bag full of colorful plastic nonsense for you. But the flowers are looking more muted, so I will hold off on mailing it. Glad to see you are chugging along. And I wish I had fewer bills so I could add a flower or two to my collection, maybe someday soon. Sending you good thoughts, best & blessings
paula said…
thank you, i like that! and i love watching you continue to grow to. it spurs me on.

deb...MUTED...BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING COLORFUL :( thats what i need. colorful plastic nonsense hahaha
andrea said…
Tis the season to worry about the future I think. Here in Canada it's RRSP season and there's a lot of fretting about surviving one's retirement at this time! Plus a lack of Uv for months on end don't help, so I know where you're coming from right now.

I think the tap (faucet) knobs are an excellent investment. They are perfect.
Poetic Artist said…
I also do to much worrying and thinking..I am glad I am not alone.
Thank goodness for the times we do art and for awhile we forget.
I love the faucet flowers. I too wish I Had extra income to buy one but maybe one day.
collage whirl said…
Hi Paula! It feels really good to cut back on the facebook time, I'm the same these days. Lots of introversion going on as well (doubts too, not so much self-doubts as art marketing doubts!). I like all your new blooms--I think you're doing just what you're supposed to be doing right now. Making stuff is the best way I've found to feel balanced.
kathiroussel said…
just keep doing what your doing dear lady-- the flowers are full of life and spirit and you!! your questions and concerns are valid--- but let the work guide you... and enjoy every moment of it!!

paula said…
yes...worry isn't really DOING anything is it?
i appreciate feedback and encouragement as always. i know i'm doing what i should be most times...and i know most of you guys are in different/similar places with changes etc. right now. at least we are not alone.
San said…
Love these kooky flowers. I know. That word dates me, but it's the word that sprang to mind.

These are very challenging times. I'm glad you're eking out a living, and building a big foundation of buyers. I'm sure they'll return, again and again, for more Paula art.
paula said…
thanks san :)
these flowers are amazing, what a wonderful transformation of junk into art!

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