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bromeliads & other

a client shared a photo of her outdoor rock garden with her new flowers

new one, as of yet untitled.  found this wooden dowel on the highway awhile back.  the center has a faded pink plastic thing for the 'stigma'.  its another subtle one...earthy i like to think.  
White Khaki Bromeliad
some new flowers as of late.  my bromeliads have sold save for the white khaki which is fairly new and has been recently added to my industrial bloom shop. i'm liking the faucet ones (bromeliads).  i don't normally buy my materials but this week i broke down and did some ebay sniping and got a stock of faucet knobs.  its shocking how expensive they can be... i was pleased to have gotten what i consider to be quite a good deal on 77 of them.  i have work to do!  hopefully my rebar stash will see me through a few batches of flowers. i hesitate to store much more of anything under our little rickety loft steps.

its been quite in my world.  seasonal crap i'm sure and just a little worn d…

the power of the flower

Pistona Cylindubious, 2011
Approx. 27" tall
Flower: approx 4" wide
i finally have 3 or 4 of these piston cylinder thingies. this is the first flower i've made with one and i've noticed all of the pistons are different...what exactly they went to?  lawnmowers...chainsaws.  who knows.  i love them and want more but i am thinking they will be hard to come by.   the challenge remains to find objects that i can make a bouquet with of the same 'body'.  the road reflectors to date are the only thing in abundance.

Smashed Bauxite Un-Ore-Dinary , 2011
Approx. 17" tall
Flower: approx 3" wide
quite fond of this one too.  i find so many smashed cans and containers on the roadside, of course i had to make a flower from one.  the backside is comprised of a found black 'cup' thing and a black rubber part that i pick up at the tire shops.  to me it is pure magic how these parts somehow all fit together and make what is to me, a perfect flower.
Transitional Out…


i have some new flowers that i need to edit the photos and put up on my etsy flower shop, but for now, below are some individual photos of other new flowers that i sold this week in huntsville.  (the silver 'box' one is the only one still available and will get that on etsy too) i have yet to name of my favorites things is coming up with a name and description.  i listed a flower yesterday in my shop, the Bulbous Electro-tus.  it isn't new new, its just i hadn't wanted to list all my flowers at once, you gotta dole it out you see.

i love how things just work out...that above 'blue wheel' i got awhile back at the scrap yard.  just last week i was out walking and saw this teeny tiny 'ceramic like conductor' thing and thought nah...and then i thought oh just grab it and when i got home i realized it was a perfect fit for the center of the blue flower.  it matches that white/rust perfectly!   nellie had sent me a little box of scrap goodies and …

first newsletter sent!

I have sent my first newsletter,  if you have signed up and not received it, please check your spam folder.  I have sent it via blind carbon copy, your emails are safe and sound will never ever get used/abused.  It's not too late to sign up and get your copy now.  I am on the fence about posting the newsletter online, perhaps i will lag them a month.  next month when i send one i might post the previous one on a static blog page but i'm not sure i wanna do that.  the whole point in my sending out newsletters is to give you a more intimate look about what is going on and allowing you access to something all in one place rather than tracking me down online. time will tell.
thank you to my first 25 subscribers!

newsletter: take II

did i make that newsletter sound fun!!!!????
hours later i'm getting my trickle of subscribers and thinking it is SO typical of me to do something and as i fear it or am unsure of it, i dont give it the excitement and oomph it deserves.
so here, i'm giving myself another chance:

I am creating a newsletter!  I have taken it for granted that people can find out what is going on with me on facebook.  I have many artist friends on facebook as well as my fan page.  I'm in touch with a lot of people on etsy as well and never gave much thought to sending a newsletter out so you can find out more about my world, my art without having to track me down online.  It is obvious there are plenty of people who still haven't embraced facebook.  Many don't use etsy convo's.  The list goes on.  Heck I can't even keep track of all these sites sometimes.

Having said that, I'm going to give a monthly newsletter a shot.  I plan on sharing things there that aren't alr…


If you look over there to the right, you will see that I have added a newsletter subscription widget.  I have never had the courage to have a newsletter.  I say courage because I find it challenging to think about sending out a newsletter.  I personally do not care to receive them.  Why?  Well, I like to get my info about the people I like via facebook/blogs and friendly emails.  I get enough emails as it is and newsletters never feel personal.  I need personal.  The one person who sends out a newsletter that I find entertaining is Kelly Moore, he is an outsider artist who keeps it interesting, you never know what you will see/read in his newsletters and even then I usually just click to his website and see whats going on rather than read the newsletter.  I realize I am probably not the norm though.  

I think a few years ago I tried to do the newsletter thing and just bailed.  I never believed that anyone was interested in reading my blather.  Truth be told I did blather.  Now that I …