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it got better

 it's been a lousy 4 weeks.  stagnant...everything on hold...personal life stuff blah blah blah.  finally things have shifted and i gotta say, it has been wonderful having my new flower shop to focus on (see post below).  i've sold a handful of flowers already and i cannot tell you how good this feels as a launching pad for a barely filled etsy shop. 

i've uploaded a few more.  short of actually gathering the objects and making the flowers, naming them is one of my favorite things yet!  i dont really  know much about plants but that doesn't stop me from googling things and adding twists to names that resemble (to a point) my flowers.  i invite you to peruse both sold and for sale descriptions if you are looking for mild entertainment.  the other unexpected outcome to this flower thing is that i realized i can make sculpture like flowers for gardens and porches, they dont have to sit in a vase!  it was when i needed to take pictures to upload them to etsy that i was inspired to shove them in the ground and realized DUH i could start making flowers specifically for outdoors.  currently my flowers have NOT been treated with a rust converter and while some flowers could be placed outdoors, most shouldn't be exposed to the elements.  that is gonna change with the newer ones. (not all but most).  i use a cold weld for most of the main structural parts but the other adhesive i use isn't really meant for outdoors.  i'm gonna start using a waterproof adhesive and paint some of the flowers in advance with rust converter. i dont like that it darkens the rebar but its what needs to be done unless you dont mind orange/rust. (i dont but you know me). 

here are some new candle holders! (online holders available here.)  they are not going on etsy, as i've placed these next door at the 'hair salon'.  the girls who work the counter always fawn over my pipe stuff, so i can only hope someone buys one or two.  next goal is to check out the local flower shop up near the university.  i hear they do rentals for university affairs...if i can get enough flowers made/candle holders...vases...who knows maybe i can get some rental stuff going.  nice to have a goal...right now its wet and cold and i'm not able to get out there and work on anything other than little bits of stuff already in progress indoors.  got my new saw but haven't opened the box.  got my new grinder but its not usable in rain.  winter just kind of sucks when you have an 'outdoor' parking lot studio.  i tell ya what, all of these restrictions just make me want to work even harder to one day have my own studio to work out of!


Kim Hambric said…
You are positively positive!

And these new things are so cool!
paula said…
thanks kim, they make me happy :)
Poetic Artist said…
I love the flowers..I also love the rust...
Teo said…
Wow, where have I been? Lots of things I really must catch up with. What I'm glad to see is that you're full of energy and enthusiasm. That's the attitude! I love your flowers, they look so Martian :)
Roz Inga said…
oh and don't I know how that goes! I'm pretty sure that it's all part of the "balance of life"; when things are Blah, something good is right around the corner. Yet, when things are awesome, sometimes a Blah thing will happen. For some reason, I can't figure out how to get to Your blog From my blog. But...I found the long way around.
paula said…
roz you got rid of your followers? your links to everyone...must be hard navigating!

i'm glad you all think i'm so peppy :) not feeling so peppy....
Chris said…
These flowers are COOL. I thought first thing that they would go in the garden. I'll be keeping an eye out for outdoor flowers as you post them.
paula said…
thanks chris! i'm working on it right now. some can be put outdoors now (and i can't paint the rebar with rust protector). hoping to get more up soon!

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