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art & life like oil and water

these three new pieces sold before i could get them onto etsy..thank you vase collecting woman!  these are my slice containers.  they are composed of two different pipes and give the vessel an even stronger ceramic feel.  i want to be making many variations and see whats possible.  it's hard to find pipe that fits as you'd be surprised how many different sizes there are.  these are to be used as pencil holders or whatever else but are not my typical waterproof vase works.  i'm veering away from my flower vases right now and letting my found object flowers catch up (etsy shop opening soon). but in the meantime i will keep experimenting with pipes and what is possible because i know there are endless possibilities and it lies within me to find them.

the piece above is unique and i wish i could take credit for the cool cut on the top rim but that is how i find em.  for whatever reason the scrap yard cuts up pipe with a torch and it makes the most amazing effects.  i remember last year when i got pipe from them i always considered that the bad part! believe it or not i would cut that part off and toss it! what an idiot huh?  that is almost the BEST part of my vases and candle holders.  all i have to do is clean that jagged stuff up so you dont cut yourself as they are pretty sharp and messy.  i went looking for more pipe monday and there is nothin.  i take that as a sign i'm just supposed to keep working on flowers.

which i keep promising to have a site up soon.  life gets in the way. you know how it is.  my flow is messed up due to some personal life goings on.  and i still let that part time cleaning gig get to me and lose all momentum.  i find when i worry about stuff everything just STOPS.  for whatever reason tod and i are going through more life changes and both of us are wondering where we are going.  does tod want to go somewhere else alone and find his thing?  if he does what am i gonna do?  do i stay here and try to make it on my own?  i have no idea.  needless to say this stuff is a huge elephant in the room and i can't just poke it with a stick and remove it.  my art dont flow when my brain is consumed.  but its life.  i'm starting to get used to it.

posted jan 6, 2011


Colleen Kole said…
Love, LOVE, LOVE these pieces.

Big white elephants are no fun but they seem to not go away until some decision is made.

Hugs to you both as you ponder what lies ahead.
deb said…
hoping that addressing your elephant is shrinking it down to size... I LOVE that rough edge, now I want one of those too! Wishing you peace of mind my friend
andrea said…
When art goes well life sucks and vice versa. I am sending you positive vibes, paula.
Gail Baar said…
I love these new vases, Paula. You keep coming up with new ideas that are so interesting.
paula said…
always happy when people like the new stuff :)
andrea...that was a different thing to read 'when art goes well life sucks'. i feel like when art goes well EVERYTHING goes well! that is life kinda... for me.
anyhow. thanks for the good thoughts, time will tell.
Teo said…
Oh my, they look so wonderful!! It looks like they take three times more work but the effect is stunning! I too love the rough part, it's really cool. You know when I started making books I did the same mistake with leather, cut off the parts with natural edges or manufacturing defects. SO silly!

So new year, new stuff, new decisions. I'm sure time will help you make the right ones. xoxo
paula said…
i love it teo, guess that is just part of the process huh. thanks for stopping by and giving me feedback too!
Kim Hambric said…
These are great pieces, Paula!

No, sometimes art and life don't mix well. Perhaps, eventually that life will create art. Sometimes the art creates life.

Sometimes things just sit still. Unfortunately, sometimes things just crumble.

Hugs to you, Paula.

Is anyone in your neck of the woods hiring (part time, of course) a photo stylist? You seem to have a knack for that (along with being an artist -- do I even need to say that).
paula said…
...Sometimes the art creates life.
i like that kim.
and for as much as i appreciate your compliments about my photography, i know i dont know what the heck i'm doing most times and only inspired by my own art. (what a narcissist huh). i know i have to keep doing my own thing first and foremost. it still feels like the only point of living. the only thing that matters and i'm not willing to cease that flow for much short of living under a bridge. i'm still not healthy obviously
These new pencil holders are fabulous! I wish I had answers for you about your life situation. Unfortunately it is something only you can work out. Just stay true to yourself, whatever the immediate cost, because in the long run that is the only way you will be happy.
paula said…
thanks karen ...great advice too!
How exciting, Paula--and I love the composite photo and those composite photos you have of your work in your shop, too.
cat said…
Awesome vases!
Use your art as therapy and keep plugging away.
If need be, start keeping an art journal for those times you really don't want to do anything. Doodling does wonders. Doodle anything and write about everything!
paula said…
thanks for the feedback carla!
betsy bensen said…
You are a strong and resourseful woman, Paula. Your art speaks volumes on that theme. Figure out what's best for you. I like Carla's advice. And use your cleaning gig to mentally plan some new pieces...
paula said…
thank you betsy. i cannot tell you how much i appreciate the feeling of support here...from people i admire and respect and have come to love.
Poetic Artist said…
Always love your art.I know what you mean Life has a way of stopping everything. I suppose that is why it is called Life. :)
I hope things turn to the postive side.
paula said…
thank you poetic artist :) i guess its all in how i look at it in regards to if its positive...i'm working on it! thanks for stopping by
ArtPropelled said…
Paula the two tone pieces are so effective. Love them a lot! I know what you mean about art not flowing when the brain is consumed. Wishing you clarity and renewed art flow.

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