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yeah kinda like that

i keep going on and on about how crate and barrel has their limited edition 'peppermint bark'.  way back when, when i was a massage therapist that is...i had a client who turned me on to that stuff.  for christmas they had me over and we sat down to watch a video and they presented me with that peppermint bark stuff and i went nuts. i REALLY went nuts when i realized i could only get it during christmas.  it was like...well like crack.  and i had to wait til next hear to get it.

dare i compare my candle holders with that?  well ...okay. i will.
i have sold a handful of them privately and the few i put on etsy are gone.  i went on a little work rampage this weekend and am finishing up putting bottoms on them and need to sand/sign them and poof, a limited edition christmas candle holder collection will be here and hopefully gone til next year.  i realized that making them all year long was counter productive as you cannot charge THAT much for a few inches of pipe.  the work is almost all the same, i still have to cut, grind both ends, fashion bottoms and grind them and apply the cold weld to affix said bottoms.  oh and paint the inside with rust convertor. so.  this little collection is it...i might make some for christmas in july for etsy.  heads up. they will up in a few days. i ordered some votive holders/candles that will fit these (another thing is candles come in a gazillion sizes and i don't want to suddenly be in a position to have to make a million different sizes and i would because i like to please people) for those of you who don't want to search for the perfect fit.

i will have a new color too...indian red. will post on facebook when they are up. aloha


I love them Paula,
fantastic Photos to !!!
paula said…
thanks michele :)
donauluft said…
Yes I think it is a good decision to have limited editions!
HaHa, I have that all over the year, because I want to keep my eco footstep small!
So, for example no strawberries, cucumbers or tomatoes in winter!
...and Paula´s wonderful candle holder only at christmas time!...that makes sense!
paula said…
haha yes limited edition fruit and vegetables that will make them more expensive if people called them that.
glad you get it ;)

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