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below i talked about the candle holders being limited edition and that i would be uploading more to etsy. bout a day later i realized i dont have the desire to put them on etsy right now.  not in the mood to take pictures, it's cold and eye watering out there and i think i'm almost burnt out on photo taking/editing right now.  my shop is full.  juicy.  ripe.  got plenty up there. that and i would make more if i had that better machine.  so i'm selling them privately and holding onto whatever is left and letting it percolate.

i finally hit some sort of wall.  i wanna do this and that and need to do that and this and end up floating around like a lost soul.

i have my found object flowers laying around.  i wanna start some pendants.  i wanna make some more puzzle head sculptures. i wanna make more furniture.  my studio is a disaster.  i'm in limbo. so i flit around and take care of this and that.  fix that organize this.  i'll find my way. i continue to find homes for things that i no longer want the burden of selling.  the more i do it the freer i feel.  there is conflict sometimes about giving art away or having it reduced to seduce.  i still worry it devalues  things but my desire to move on supersedes the desire to hold out. hold on. 

so. i look forward to whatever is next.  i think i have pretty much burnt out on the vases.  it feels complete.  other than what is on etsy i have maybe 45 in stock.  as they continue to sell i will upload the rest on etsy where i'm thinking they will bode well in spring and in the meantime give me time to work on the next pipe dream.  still have a big stack of pipes and plenty of ideas about what to do with them.

so.  if you are interested in some candle holders let me know.  i have about 14 left.  big ones are $15 and smaller ones are $12.  i have six indian reds (above photos $15 ea).  one of those six has a jagged top instead of smooth. Sold em all thank you!!

i have two black ones that are 'small'  for $12  SOLD THANK YOU!

i have the three yellow/silver ones one of which has pink in it and a jagged top.  those are $12
Sold em all thank you!!

i also have two white birch ones of which i dont have a photo but will gladly email you one if interested and one crackling red.  whites are $12 and crackling $15.  most of you now how to reach me...message me on facebook, email or leave comment here.  have a good weekend ya'll!
they are all gone!! 


...that's how the right side of the brain go with it, Paula! Those are really beautiful tealights!
paula said…
thanks dawn :) and by the way, votive not tealight holders...they are far too tall/big for tealights.
and yes i'm feeling freer now just letting myself roam around. i dont usually do that....
mansuetude said…
I think George Orr loves you.
ArtPropelled said…
I sense a new exciting phase coming up. Allowing yourself to wander around will pay off I'm sure.
cat said…
I need to buy one soon before they are all gone!!
Happy Holidays Paula!!
paula said…
sure hope so robyn :)

hey cat, i will make more, just need that better tool!!!!

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