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sneak peek

so here is the obvious.  pipe votive candle holders!  i still need to test them out (burn candles in them).  the red pipes were big enough i could buy a glass votive holder so those are good to go.  the smaller/thinner ones are going to be just candles in there so i want to see how they fair.  the all aluminum pipes, i'm thinking it will be a breeze to scrape out the wax, in the other pipes i have no idea.  i suppose one could put aluminum foil under the candle....i have no clue yet.  today i'm putting finishing touches on them (sanding the bottoms to smooth them and even any outer edges) and will test a few out tonight.  i like the idea of this.  i like it alot.  what do you think?


kathiroussel said…
you've been a busy lady miz paula-- i'm loving the pint sized piping-- great going!

:) XO!
Colleen Kole said…
love it-another obsessive thing-oh no....

perfect! I'd love to see how they look all lit up! once you test it out I am sure you will let us know.
paula said…
thanks kathi...can i steal that name? pint sized piping it.
oh yeah...i should take a picture colleen but then i dont want to burn more than 2 candles so i can sell them this weekend and then on etsy. maybe i will photo shop that and drive myself INSANE
Seems like a hot item to me! Good luck with them.
ArtPropelled said…
I agree.... another hot item. They will look wonderful all lit up.
Poetic Artist said…
I really like these..I enjoy your creative work..I am also one who goes thru dumpsters to find things to use and make a new life for it.
donauluft said…
Yes, you are right this is obvious! and looks gorgeous! Everybody who has bought a vase from you will come back for this!
paula said…
a hot item indeed kim...thanks for your positive feedback on this, makes me think i should have made more last week!!! :)
Thongbai Tatong said…
This is a good idea, Paula. You cut them shot and they weigh less. This means if you sell them online the shipping fee will be less and more attractive. I love the red and the yellow ones in particular, rustic and artsy.

I have no idea about the bottom. I have big candles in my house too and no need for the holders. They can stand on their own. I put them in a big tray to protect the floor and it is easy to carry around in case I want to move them to a different corner. Your customers can do the same, I think, putting the bottomless holders in a tray. Don't know if the wax will seep out the bottom.

But have fun at the fair this weekend. Oh, at the fair maybe you can bring a little tray along for the display. Heee... methinks;)
paula said…
thank you bai! and yes i have bottoms on these and i tested them last night, no hot wax leaks out :)

thank you for the well wishes for saturday! will be good to get feedback face to face
collage whirl said…
Lovely, Paula! Hope these go like "hot"cakes :-)

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