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hats off to people who do big shows all year long.  really.  it's just too much for me on so many levels (and this was just a table show for gods sake).  i appreciate the opportunity to do it but now that i've got two under my belt in a few weeks i realize how stressful and long the days are when you are behind a table all day watching people walk by and look and comment (or not). forget about the lugging all the stuff to and fro your car twice in one day!  galleries and online is much easier and less arduous.   but i have to be thankful for those who showed up and bought my work.  my new candle holders were a hit and i sold about half of them.  sold some flowers, a handful of vases and one of my wood trays!  got lots of good compliments and mostly tried to absorb all the smiles and look of 'delight' when people took a closer look at my stuff.  made me happy.  i am exhausted and have had a big headache all day. guess i'm just not a people person, it's a lot of stimulation and i felt trapped most of the day.
i had the wherewithall to take a few photos before the action started so you can see the pipe troupe.  will upload my candle holders on etsy after i take some decent pictures of them..probably tomorrow or monday.  over and a BIG THANK YOU to Cynthia...she put this whole thing together and did all of the marketing etc. You can see some of her watercolor paintings on the wall behind my vases.  She was next to me...I'd post her photos but I sent them to her and I'm sure she will post them on her blog and talk about how horrible it was to be next to me all day because i was panicking at one point and felt like abandoning ship.  there was a look of utter incomprehension on her face like 'how can you panic HERE?'.  i love you cynthia ....


schnoobie said…
Looks great... loved the pinecones as an added seasonal touch... Mission accomplished! now chill and relax and reward yourself!!!
paula said…
thanks susan...if i could take great photos you would see my wonderful puzzle sculptures lit up better on the walls....
and yes, the pine cones, i think it was the magic seasonal touch :) off i go, i hear some haggen daaz calling my name
collage whirl said…
Yay--it's good when these things are over, especially when things sell! Congrats :-)
sarala said…
Hope you enjoyed your Hagen daaz!
How the heck do you spell that anyway?
So glad to hear you sold a bunch despite the anxiety.
ArtPropelled said…
Sounds like a successful day! Well done Paula.
donauluft said…
WOW, I can imagine! I´m not a people person either, and not qualified to sell on craft shows.
But it´s great you did it although and were successful!
paula said…
thank you ladies :)
good to be sealed up in my own space again. thankfully i had some help lugging stuff back to my car at the end of the night.
Kim Hambric said…
Paula, it is a buffet of beauty!!! This is an incredible display. Everything looks good enough to eat. Not only do you create wonderful things, you have great skill in displaying and photographing them.

So glad you got out there to do this.
paula said…
i love you kim.
andrea said…
Now that's a great kickoff to the season of madness. So happy for your success. (And I totally get the too many people = too much stimulation thing. Tis the season for that, too!)
YES to all the above comments!
paula said…
thanks andrea and nellie :)
i'm still pooped today, what a wimp!
Paula...your display looks wonderful and hats off to you for all the work, getting it together to even undertake such an adventure! I'm not a people person either and can only imagine how much work goes into doing these events! No wonder you are still in recovery....great job and congratulations!
Teo said…
Wow!! I'm so impressed, your table looks FANTASTIC!! Seeing all the vases and candle holders together I'm amazed by the amount of work you put into it. Congrats my dear, I'm so happy that you sold well this time! You deserve it!!!
paula said…
thank you patti...that is a good way to put it 'recovery'.
and thanks teo, i love hearing the feedback...maybe i will forget how much i hate doing this and do it again next year hahaha

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